Download 3 wound-specific handouts to help increase patient education and improve outcomes

Three patient education handouts.

Share these educational handouts with your patients

In the past, physicians were typically responsible for educating patients on diagnoses and disease treatments. However, today, wound care nurses and bedside nurses must take on the crucial role of patient education.

Making patient education a priority at your facility helps:

  • Empower patients to care for themselves.
  • Increase consistent and accurate compliance.
  • Improve patient outcomes.

There are a variety of reasons why patients don’t comply, but you can address many of them by providing the education patients need to do the right thing. Patient education should begin as soon as a patient arrives and continue throughout the patient’s stay in your facility.1 By the time a patient is discharged, they should be prepared to adhere to treatment plans at home.

Patient and family education is only part of a comprehensive and customized skin health management program. Click here to find out more about how Skin Health Solutions can help you improve patient outcomes.