Know your slings: a buying guide

A patient mobility device with straps and a sling

With all the different styles and variations of patient lift slings, it can be difficult to decide which are the best fit for your facility’s needs. In fact, choosing the right sling for the right patient and care task can be critical. To better help you understand your options, we’ve put together this guide.

Repositioning slings

Developed with accessibility in mind, repositioning slings are made of breathable materials that can be left under patients so that they are readily available for any and all lifting needs. They are primarily used in ICU and Critical Care Units or anywhere in the facility that has overhead patient lifts. Common care tasks include transferring to bed or chair, in-bed repositioning, proning and turning.

Medline Comfort Glide 2-in-1 Repositioning Sling and Sheet

Our patented Comfort Glide sling offers more versatility in how you care for your patients, particularly in the ICU/CCU. The patient-facing side is made of a durable microfiber for patient comfort, while the bed side is made of friction-reducing nylon—both of which are breathable and can be left under the patient. This offers a 2-in-1 combination of repositioning sling and glide sheet, so it can be used with patient lifts, where accessible, or as an in-bed repositioning or lateral transfer sheet.

Slings made of breathable materials can be left under patients so they’re always ready for use.

U-shaped seated slings

These slings are ideal for lifting to or from a chair or wheelchair, toileting, peri care accessibility and bathing. Utilizing the different lengths of straps means you can lift in a seated or reclined position. The construction of this sling allows for easier application and removal from patients. All variations of these slings are available with or without head support for different patient acuity.

Turner slings

These accessory slings are used to turn and reposition patients in bed, avoiding the need for staff to do this manually. This sling can also be used to support the patient in the side-lying position for pressure relief. The small surface of the sling also allows access to the patient’s back or side for various care tasks.

Limb slings

Patient limbs can cause injury to staff, particularly for bariatric patients, or when help for a longer period of time for different care tasks. Simple but effective, our limb slings can assist.

The right slings for every unit in your facility:

Should we buy reusable or disposable slings?

This is a great question, and most of Medline’s slings are available in either reusable or disposable fabrics. We recommend discussing what would be best for your facility, but factors that may influence your decision include laundering capabilities, infection prevention and safety considerations.

Will these slings work with existing patient lift equipment?

Yes; compatibility of slings with your lift equipment is simple. You should contact your Medline representative to assist, but Medline has many styles of sling that may be compatible with your current lift equipment.

Have additional questions about Medline’s patient lift slings? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Medline representative with additional questions, and they will connect you with our Safe Patient Handling product experts for assistance.