Outlining a supply strategy for the current crisis

Warehouse distribution in action

Medline is singularly focused on manufacturing, sourcing, and distributing as many PPE products as possible, with a sustained commitment to do whatever is necessary to expand the supply chain and meet as many of the needs of healthcare workers as possible. Never before has it been more important to support you with strength and agility in this time of turmoil. We acknowledge that you don’t need a lot of explanations right now. What you need is action and, most specifically, supplies.

Our supply chain commitment

Across the country, demand continues to grow at 300% higher than traditional manufacturing and distribution volumes. We are doing everything we can to increase supply chain speed and capacity and are acutely aware of your daily struggles. We know that the number one concern is “what can I get and when.”

Inventory management policies have been put into effect, and products have been placed on allocation until demand does not outpace the supply. Supplies on allocation include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Facemasks
  • PPE – Isolation gowns and coveralls
  • Surgical drapes and gowns
  • Standard and custom packs
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Exam gloves

Allocation simply outlines the volume of product that can be ordered, and you will notice this number may change as the situation evolves.  This is the only way to ensure supplies are available for everyone.

Account Visibility: We understand the frustration at not being able to see what’s available and plan ahead, which is why Medline is actively working to execute a key technology feature that provides insight for our partners into products that are on allocation. From the site, upon entering your account login and password, you will be able to see and understand your allocations, quantities ordered to date, and allocation quantity remaining. More information on this to come in future posts.

Logistics and deliveries. As critical as it is to see product availability, the role of our national delivery and operations is key to getting those products where they are needed. As a dedicated Critical Infrastructure Industry, we are able to stay on track with deliveries to healthcare providers even in locations with “Shelter-in-Place” orders, and our logistical response remains intact:

  • Medline has distributed 15 million more masks so far this year than in all of 2019.
  • All of our 1,000+ trucks are running in full operation and maximizing delivery capabilities.
  • More than 10,000 employees in manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution continue to work every day to produce and distribute as much product as possible.
  • And to continue to manage customer issues, we implemented a virtual queuing technology so our customer service specialists can work remotely from home to provide uninterrupted service.

As we all cope with the COVID-19 global pandemic, our ongoing commitment has been to work diligently to provide data and insights into product availability, protect supply lines, and find new ways to increase or maximize production or reprocessing.

Read more about all the ways we are integrating new processes and redeploying existing manufacturing capabilities to get high-demand products into the hands of those who need it most.