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What’s the essential thread for health facilities?

How disposable curtains bring privacy and hygiene where they are needed most

Disposable curtains

It’s right there in our history. We started out in textiles—introducing cutting edge fabrics and products from our very first line of aprons for stock yard workers in Chicago and gowns for surgeons. And we are still working with you to provide a broad collection of reusable and disposable linen basics. From window to bed, we cover every clinical setting with innovative, safety-minded designs… designs that offer privacy and comfort—especially in times of overcrowding—when those two things are hard to find.

In an ideal world, hospitals and other healthcare facilities would have the space and engineered design so that there is little to touch or move aside for fear of contamination, or the foresight and budget so that every infected patient has a private enclosed room as opposed to being located in open bays. For now, however, many wings typically used for elective surgeries are being turned into emergency coronavirus units, not to mention the pop-up hospitals prevalent in so many places now, so the need for disposable cubicle curtains or reusable curtains that can be washed according to strict hospital laundering protocols is skyrocketing. The demand (jumping as high as 300%) is taking its toll on the supply chain.

The important thing to know is that we’ve got you covered.

Key points when choosing cubicle curtains

  • Cubicle curtains are an essential part of maintaining a clean environment of care, now more than ever
  • Disposable curtains are an effective tool for alternate care sites and other areas not typically used to house patients
  • We carry a variety of sizes and styles to fit nearly any room or setting
    • Snap panel
    • Traditional
    • On the Right Track
  • Allocations are in effect; however, we are partnering with our customers to find the appropriate solutions and determine the need for additional inventory. We anticipate additional inventory and alternate products in July to relieve and/or eliminate the allocations.

Challenges facing medical textiles and what we are doing about it

  • Because of global PPE demand, raw goods have been diverted to making masks and gowns, which has disrupted the disposable cubicle curtain supply chain
  • However, we are expanding our product and supplier network to bring new and alternative products to market
  • And our workrooms remain open and ready to produce reusable fabric curtains, which, like many linens and scrubs, can be taken down and laundered and reused. Product is in stock and ready to ship.

If you have any questions related to options that are right for you in your particular setting during this time, please speak to your Medline Representative or call 1 800 MEDLINE.