Cooperation, guidance and insights in the midst of a global pandemic

Charlie Mills, CEO, speaks at the White House.

At the end of March, our Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Mills, met with President Trump and his administration, alongside other supply chain industry leaders, to discuss ways to improve the supply chain bottleneck. This was perhaps the most visible and center-stage that Medline has been as this crisis has emerged; however, it definitely does not signal the start of our action.

We activated our emergency operations response in February and have been actively coordinating with government agencies. Our designation as a Critical Infrastructure Industry has allowed us to continue operating and delivering to areas throughout the country, even in areas where there are strict “Shelter-in-Place” mandates. Through daily conversations at the state and national levels, we are committed to helping manage the crisis. Some of the agencies we’ve been working with and providing guidance to include the following:

  • Centers for Disease Control & Protection
  • Customs & Border Patrol
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Health & Human Services

In addition, we are contributing to national PPE distribution efforts in pandemic hot spots as part of FEMA’s Project Airbridge and have remained fully operational to support the work of the doctors and nurses working on the frontlines of the pandemic. The company’s 45 U.S. distribution centers and 15 manufacturing facilities all continue to work to produce and distribute critical medical supplies. The company already has distributed 15 million more masks to healthcare providers so far this year than all of 2019, and its trucks are making thousands of deliveries per day to healthcare providers across the country.

In an effort to provide up-to-date information, we have created a dedicated COVID-19 Resource Center with news on ongoing enterprise relief efforts, expert references, timely infographics, and key information for healthcare facilities to keep safe and healthy in the workplace. Most importantly, we will continue to share news and information on allocation and supplies, as well as giving customers visibility into their account data as soon as the information is available.

Our COVID-19 Toolkit, with up-to-date information from the CDC and other government and industry sources remains accessible, and we will continue to add to those vital insights to keep you informed and supported throughout the crisis. We value your continued partnership, and we hope we can serve as an essential resource in these extraordinary times.

As Mills stated, “We realize our critical role in healthcare, and I can speak for every employee of Medline when I say our top priority is to get more PPE and other medical supplies into the hospitals, nursing homes and physician offices caring for patients. This is an unprecedented time, and we won’t stop until we’ve done everything we can to help defeat COVID-19.”