COVID19 April 13

The case for disposable instruments

Single-use trays ease the SPD strain


As demand for PPE and linens increases and manufacturers struggle to keep up in the midst of this crisis, another group of often unsung heroes is stepping up to help fill the gap—sterile processing departments (SPDs). Across the country, SPDs are working to re-sterilize gowns, masks, drapes and more. To help them manage volume and keep frontline healthcare providers safely dressed, facilities are looking for ways to lessen the burden on SPDs so they can focus on more pressing needs.

One of the easiest ways to help is to reduce the volume of reusable instruments sent to SPDs—making room for the more urgent PPE sterilizations. For instrument-specific minor procedure trays in heavy rotation, Medline offers disposable, single-use options that mirror the quality of reusable instruments, as manufacturing technology has improved dramatically to make sterile, disposable instruments a safe—and also increasingly economic—alternative for hospitals1. Our most common single-use trays include:

  • Suture/Suture Removal Trays
  • Pacemaker Trays
  • Chest Tube Trays
  • Delivery and C-section Trays
  • Plastic Trays
  • Circumcision Trays
  • Pelvic Exam Trays
  • Tracheotomy Trays
  • Nosebleed Trays

This simple and singular switch to disposable instruments not only eases the burden on the SPD, but it can also improve patient safety by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination, as the product is disposed of after each use.2 For a comprehensive list of disposable procedure trays available, email us at