Improve your quality of care and survey results.

You provide quality care for your residents because it’s the right thing to do. You focus on survey performance because it’s required. You address federal regulations because it’s the law.

The abaqis quality management system, brought to you by HealthStream can help you drive success in all three areas. And as much as you and your staff prepare for your annual survey, you never really know what to expect. With abaqis, you’ll know.

abaqis combines resident interviews, observations, record reviews and patient data, allowing you to take action on specific quality improvement efforts.

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Leveraging Technology to Improve Clinical Outcomes

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Comply with Requirements

Long term care involves complying with complex regulatory requirements. abaqis helps you figure out where gaps are in your facility so that you can address them and be in compliance. Being in compliance means fewer deficiencies, fewer penalties and lower costs.

Collect a baseline set of data that assesses your compliance against the complete federal regulation and compare your data to a validated threshold of allowable negative answers — providing a high statistical likelihood of compliance or non-compliance.

Monitor Readmissions

The abaqis Hospital Readmission Tracker helps you track and trend your readmissions, and identify their cause so that you can implement measures to reduce them.

You can accurately measure your readmission performance over time by risk-adjusting your readmission rate. And, you can see how you stack up against other providers.

By tracking your facility’s raw and risk-adjusted readmission rates and uncovering any trends, abaqis can provide you with actionable data to help reduce readmissions and become a preferred partner.

Enhance Satisfaction

The things that keep your residents and their families happy and satisfied are what make or break recommendations for your facility. abaqis helps you identify and make changes—big and small—that improve quality of life.

abaqis data is collected first-hand by your facility. Because you have collected the data, results are not anonymous, providing you with actionable information to improve the satisfaction of your residents and families.

The real-time reporting capabilities of abaqis give you a distinct advantage in addressing issues. abaqis sends an email when a resident or family member is dissatisfied, or unlikely to recommend your facility. In an industry where reputation is everything, having the data to address concerns without delay gives you an edge over your competition.

Manage QAPI Processes

QAPI regulations add a new dimension to your quality efforts. Your facility must be actively pursuing quality improvement, not just handling complaints. The tough part: Can you prove it? With abaqis, you can.

QAPI (Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement) programs aim to do two things: measure quality and ensure that quality improvement is ongoing, through data. With abaqis, you’ll have the data on hand to accurately measure how you’re doing and be armed with the information to prioritize your biggest needs for improvement.

From integrated performance improvement guidance, to staff training, robust reporting, and custom QAPI plan building, abaqis provides the tools you need to tackle QAPI.


See how abaqis can help increase quality of care.

Get on Partner Referral Lists

abaqis captures and presents the performance metrics partners demand. With abaqis, you’ll always provide evidence backed by data. Earn your position on acute care partner referral lists with our concise, easy to understand partner reporting.