Solving Workforce Challenges in Senior Care.

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#1 Workforce Software Purpose-Built For Senior Care

Workforce challenges in senior care are nothing short of a crisis. You’re facing a skyrocketing workforce shortage, high employee turnover rates, financial uncertainties and increased scrutiny on your staffing practices.

Employee Scheduling

Easy-to-use, predictive tools to help your communities schedule employees, predict overtime to lower costs, and fill openings to staff properly every shift.

Employee Financial Wellness

Give employees access to their earned wages, between paychecks, to help them better manage their expenses.

Employee Engagement

Consistently measure staff satisfaction, capture employee feedback and reward contributions to reduce turnover by up to 33%.

Payroll-Based Journal Reporting

Skilled nursing providers: Easily collect, review and submit all required staffing information to ensure you get credit for the care you provide.

Retain Top Talent:

Because an engaged workforce works!

OnShift’s end-to-end employee engagement software allows you to focus on what matters most — your people — to drive organizational success and reduce turnover.

Connect Managers, Teams & Employees To Build Relationships
Actionable data and prompted messaging facilitate communication & conversation to nurture stronger relationships.

Take Action With Real-Time Employee Feedback
Fast and easy pulse surveys capture employee satisfaction and feedback — so managers can take action.

Recognize & Reward Contributions To Improve Satisfaction
Automated points-based rewards system tracks and incentivizes employee behaviors so contributions are highlighted and rewarded.

Spark Success By Tracking New Hire Performance
Focus on new employees’ success from day one with alerts and dashboard highlights.

Monitor Staff Satisfaction & Performance
At-a-glance reports provide insight into staff satisfaction and performance, identifying areas for improvement.

OnShift Engage

Employee Financial Wellness:

Offer Access To Earned Wages Between Paychecks.

OnShift Wallet powered by PayActiv gives employees financial peace of mind with access to earned wages, between paychecks, to better manage expenses.  Show employees that you care with the OnShift Wallet app.

Access To Earned But Unpaid Income
Many hourly workers live paycheck-to-paycheck. When an unexpected expense occurs, they’re in a world of hurt.  OnShift Wallet eases this stress by providing employees access up to 50% of their earned money before payday.

Employees Avoid Late Fees & High Interest Debt
Eliminate horrific payday loans, costly bank overdraft and late fees with access to earned money prior to payday.

No Cost Or Risk To Employers
OnShift Wallet funds the transferred wages to the employee between paychecks and automatically deducts that amount from the employee’s bank account on the scheduled payday.

Better Engagement, Retention and Recruitment
With OnShift employers gain instant credit in the minds of employees and see measurable cost reduction from better recruitment, retention and engagement.

OnShift Financial Wellness

Simplify Scheduling:

Proven.  Affordable.  Easy-to-use.

Eliminate the confusion caused by hand-written schedules and complicated spreadsheets. OnShift Schedule, the #1 scheduling software purpose-built for senior care, helps you staff properly, each and every shift.

Predictive Overtime Control To Reduce Costs
Prevent unnecessary overtime and agency use up to 70% with OnShift’s predictive and proactive approach.

Labor Budget Management To Improve Care
Stay within budget, mitigate risk and staff properly and consistently to deliver high quality care.

Open Shift Management To Ensure Proper Staffing
Fill call-offs and open shifts in minutes with the best-fit employee, so you are always staffed to meet your patients’ and residents’ needs.

Staffing Visibility & Analysis To Drive Consistency
Get predictive analysis and real-time data with a 360° view into staffing and labor management across communities.

Online Scheduling For Greater Efficiencies
Extensive automation eliminates complexities and reduces time spent on scheduling up to 75%.

Mobile Schedules For Employee Engagement
Put everything employees need to manage schedules at their fingertips, on their mobile device, at any time.

OnShift Scheduling

Payroll-Based Journal Reporting Compliance:

Collect, Review & Submit Staffing Information.

Your Five-Star Quality rating depends on effective Payroll-Based Journal reporting. Get credit for the resident care you provide with OnShift. Easily collect, review and submit all required payroll-based journal staffing information to CMS.

Collect & Classify All Required Staffing Data
OnShift’s PBJ reporting software collects and classifies all required staffing information —including contractor and agency hours — to ensure providers get credit for the care they provide.

Review For Accuracy
OnShift’s Payroll-Based Journal Reporting dashboard provides a centralized view into your staffing information and provides the checks and balances needed to safe-guard your submission.

Submit With Ease
Streamline the submission process with pre-formatted exportable reports that meet CMS standards. When you’re ready, OnShift will generate your Payroll-Based Journal file for submission with the click of a button.

Work With OnShift’s PBJ Experts
We’ll make sure that your internal processes are properly set up to collect and classify direct care hours in accordance with PBJ reporting requirements.

OnShift Payroll-Based Journal Reporting

OnShift Can Help In 3 Easy Steps:

Easily get and map staffing data through seamless integrations and importing functionality.

Get a single view into your data and safeguard your submission with our PBJ dashboard.

When ready, OnShift will generate your PBJ file for submission with the click of a button.

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