Elevate your people. Optimize your outcomes.

Learn how HealthStream helps you keep pace, stay compliant, simplify learning management and improve competence.

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Elevate your people. Optimize your outcomes.

Learn how HealthStream helps you keep pace, stay compliant, simplify learning management and improve competence.

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High-impact solutions

As the largest, most adopted platform in healthcare for workforce development, compliance training and operational efficiency, HealthStream delivers high-impact solutions that beat competitive offerings every time.

70% of hospitals in the U.S. use HealthStream

5 million+ clinicians use HealthStream

700,000 average completions per year

30+ years of experience

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Meet compliance requirements

HealthStream’s enhanced compliance solutions assist healthcare facilities in meeting regulatory training requirements.

Develop and retain caregivers

HealthStream’s clinical development suite has helped thousands of leaders improve their clinical and business outcomes – creating a culture of lifelong learning and supporting millions of clinical learners at every step of their journey.

Improve outcomes by improving people

More than 4,000 organizations across the continuum of care use HealthStream to manage talent—improving their people in order to provide the best care to millions.

Keep your employees engaged

Our learning programs engage and challenge employees for a positive effect on job satisfaction and retention.


Create a culture of safety and belonging

Navigate the ever-changing landscape of compliance and ethics issues with tools that help you meet compliance requirements, address diversity and inclusion issues and ensure patient privacy and security.

Compliance and risk

Fulfill compliance requirements with a variety of programs and courseware designed to address critical regulatory requirements, while educating staff to recognize and mitigate risks.

Annual mandatory training

Improve learner experience with engaging presentations that provide credit for existing knowledge.

Regulatory monitoring

Achieve seamless, efficient regulatory requirement training with a consolidated, comprehensive tool.

Patient safety

Reduce medical errors and harmful outcomes from improper technology or medication usage by giving clinical staff access to the engaging, interactive content they need to address patient safety issues.

Diversity and inclusion

Comprehensive training on social and unconscious bias issues that could affect patient outcomes.


Empower your people to deliver the best care

Elevate competency and equip your workforce for high performance with HealthStream’s trusted education and training solutions. Our comprehensive and personalized training tools inspire confidence and develop competency so your staff can deliver the best care more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Leadership development

Design personalized pathways for your leaders that meet them where they are in their personal and career development journeys.

Performance and engagement

Engage, develop and retain your workforce to build a high performing culture.

Reporting and analytics

Make real-time strategic decisions powered by accurate data.

Learning management

Improve outcomes and quality of care through enhanced workforce development.

Video platforms

Deliver engaging, company-approved content, available on-demand to support organizational initiatives.


Providing the right tools to gain confidence and competence in patient care

Whether it’s adapting to new technologies and regulations, evolving workforce dynamics, or increasingly complex patient needs, HealthStream provides you with the peace of mind to make informed decisions, ensure competent care delivery and empower your clinicians at or under budget.


Develop a more confident, competent staff from day one and engage your nursing staff.


Address your facility’s most devastating and costly clinical risks while empowering clinical staff.

Skills and decision support

Provide a blended solution at the point of care, with access to evidence-based information and skills anytime.

Professional development

Identify, develop and promote the right leaders for your organization while providing stellar care.

Find out why thousands of healthcare providers partner with HealthStream to develop next level staff, improve care and enhance performance. Contact Medline to learn more.