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greater efficiency in the OR

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LiquiBand® Rapid topical skin adhesive dries in as fast as 30 seconds1 while other products dry in 90 seconds or more2

Why wait for safe, secure wound closure. In today’s busy operating rooms, speed matters. That’s why LiquiBand Rapid is the right choice. This innovative solution provides strong, long-lasting wound closure in record time. Ready to treat more patients, more effectively?

Take the 30 is the new 90 challenge and see for yourself.

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Speed + efficiency

Designed with the surgeon’s needs in mind

Accelerated drying technology

Now more than ever, working smarter and faster in the OR is critical. LiquiBand Rapid with Accelerated Drying Technology answers the call.


Spend less time waiting for the adhesive to dry.

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Improve OR room turnover times.

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Care for more patients, more effectively.

It’s more than fast

LiquiBand Rapid provides the strong microbial barrier you expect with 2 Octyl cyanoacrylates. Note: in vitro studies show effective microbial barrier with no detectable microorganism penetration.3

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How it works

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Test results

Why LiquiBand Rapid is the stronger choice

Greater wound closure strength6

Stronger and more durable to help prevent dehiscence.Stronger and more durable to help prevent dehiscence.

A bar graph representing wound closure strength

Follows ASTM F2458-05 standard test method. Two substrates were placed opposing each other and bonded together with adhesive at the joint line to simulate a wound closure. Force was applied to separate the substrates and measured.

Better lap sheer strength6

Greater flexibility on the skin for long-lasting wound closure and maintenance of the microbial barrier.help prevent dehiscence.

A bar graph representing wound closure strength

Follows ASTM F2255-05 standard test method by bonding two overlapping surfaces with the adhesive. Force was applied to pull apart the surfaces and measured.

Easier to use, safe to activate6

Requires less force to activate and protects the user’s fingers throughout application.Stronger and more durable to help prevent dehiscence.

A bar graph representing required activation force

Force applied to activate the device was mechanically measured, simulating the amount of force a clinician would need to apply.

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