Venous Stasis Management

Empower patients to care for themselves.

Venous Stasis Management

Empower patients to care for themselves.

Elderly woman sitting in chair, with COMPRECARES compression therapy product on one leg, applying moisturizer to other leg.

Engaging patients in their own venous stasis management is critical to managing this life-long disease. From painful swelling to dry, itchy skin and hard-to-heal wounds, help patients take control of their symptoms. Discover a system of products, including COMPRECARES Compression Therapy, Remedy Skin Care and PluroGel Wound Dressing, designed to improve patient compliance — and quality of life.


Take the guesswork out of compression therapy.

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prevention & treatment

6 things to know when treating venous leg ulcers.

For the millions of people afflicted with venous stasis, there are exciting developments in early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this disease. Explore proven treatment solutions

How advanced skin care could help improve outcomes.

New advancements in skin care products are making it easier for people living with venous stasis to manage their symptoms. Discover new skin care innovations

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Using evidence-based nudges to achieve standardized wound assessment.

A simple yet innovative tool makes it hard for staff to do the wrong thing when assessing venous leg ulcers and other wounds. Uncover how this tool can help your team

Discover patient and caregiver education.

What do you tell your patients?

Improve patient compliance with this guide of helpful tips and education for treating venous ulcers.

Thumbnail of Medline University venous ulcer educational guide.

Boost your team’s wound I.D. skills.

Know what to look for when it comes to identifying lower extremity wounds with these three educational posters.

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Explore our system of products.

Leg wrapped in COMPRECARES compression therapy product.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is essential to improving blood flow in the legs. Choose products that manage and maintain venous stasis for better patient compliance.

COMPRECARES compression therapy product.COMPRECARES provides customized compression at your fingertips.
Grouping of compression bandages.Multi-layer compression bandages help with short term control of edema.
Patient legs showing dry skin.

Skin Care

Frequent skin moisturizing helps manage dry skin. Equip patients with advanced skin care products that help strengthen and condition at-risk skin.

Bare foot and tube of Medline Enlivaderm.Remedy Enlivaderm Hydrating serum for enhanced moisturizing.
Hands cupped with foam cleanser next to container of Medline Phytoplex.Remedy Phytoplex for gentle Ph-balanced cleansing.
Nurse applying Medline Plurogel to wound on patient leg.

Advanced Wound Care

Improve outcomes with a concentrated surfactant that facilitates gentle removal of exudate. To help prevent maceration, check out our Chytoform-based wound dressing.

Drawing representing Micelle Matrix Technology of Medline’s PluroGel.PluroGel burn and wound dressing with Micelle Matrix Technology.
Drawing representing Chytoform Technology of Medline Opticell.Opticell Gelling Fiber wound dressing with Chytoform Technology.