How a skin care system with botanicals helps you reduce the risk of skin tears

Your patients’ fragile skin requires special attention, because it may put them at higher risk for injuries such as skin tears. Using a skin care system of products that’s scientifically formulated with botanical-rich ingredients can help maintain your patients’ skin health, particularly for older and more vulnerable patients.

Up to 92%
Incidence of skin tears in long-term care

Skin tear facts

  • The International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP) explains that skin tears are “traumatic wounds caused by mechanical forces.”1
  • Mechanical forces that cause skin tears include shear, friction and blunt force, as well as removal of adhesives.
  • Skin tears most often occur on the extremities.1
  • In long-term care settings, reported incidence of skin tears reaches as high as 92 percent.2

Skin tears can also affect you and your frontline nurses when you wear protective face masks for long periods of time.3 Learn how to keep your skin safe.


Ingredients matter

Helping to minimize skin tears calls for a holistic approach, and it can start with choosing the right skin care system. Look for cleansers, moisturizers, barriers and protectants that are specially formulated for at-risk skin and contain nutrient-rich botanical ingredients. Also take note of what’s not in your skin care, such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates and fragrance—these may all cause adverse skin reactions.

Botanicals to look for to help maintain skin integrity

Bluegreen algea
Blue-green algae to help soothe and refresh skin
Green tea and clove flower to soothe and comfort at-risk skin
Soybeans to provide proteins that help moisturize skin

Cleansing and moisturizing

While cleansing is essential to any skin care routine, many standard soaps have a high pH level, which can damage skin.1 Be sure to look for a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser. When choosing a moisturizer, studies have shown that a pH-balanced, fragrance-free moisturizer can also greatly reduce the incidence of skin tears.1 For extra moisture control, add a botanical-rich barrier cream and protectant.

Key takeaway

It’s important to be thoughtful about the products you choose for your patients with vulnerable skin. Using a system of products that contains powerful botanical ingredients can help maintain skin integrity against injuries such as skin tears.