Check this chart to discover the natural choice for a skin regimen that provides optimal patient care

Skin care products continue to evolve as science and research progress. Just like updating your computer’s operating software, it’s important to regularly assess your cleansers, moisturizers, barriers and protectants.

For example, some skin care products now incorporate more plant-based ingredients, such as green tea and clover flower, based on research that shows they can benefit the skin.1, 2

Plant species currently recorded as being of medicinal use3

Specific to your wound care practice, skin care products that support the skin’s protective barrier function are an important part of a successful pressure injury prevention program.4 “Where I find a lot of utility for botanicals is really around allowing for that protective barrier and…promoting optimal skin health,” notes leading medical ethnobotanist Cassandra Quave, PhD, a Medline consultant.

To provide optimal care for your patients, look closely at the ingredients in your skin care products. Check out this chart below and share it with your staff to learn how one common line of products compares in ingredients with the new Remedy Intensive Skin Therapy (IST) system of products.

How does your skin care system stack up?

Moisturizer Cleanser Moisturizer Barrier Protectant

Remedy IST PhosphoCleanse Skin Repair

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Remedy IST
Skin Repair Cream

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Remedy IST Hydraguard-D Skin Repair

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Remedy IST Calazime
Skin Repair

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Active ingredients
Dimethicone 5% 1.5% 12.5% 1.0%
Zinc oxide N/A N/A 20.6% 16.5%
Menthol 0.44% 0.2%
Blue green algae
Green tea
Clove flower
All 9 essential amino acids2
Aloe free
Paraben free
Fragrance free option
Sulfate free
Dye free
Other ingredients
Manuka honey
Jojoba seed oil
CHG compatiable
Latex/nitrille glove compatibility N/A N/A N/A N/A
Eczema Seal of Acceptance
Pediatrican tested

Key takeaway

You strive to provide optimal skin health for your patients. Using a system of products with science-forward ingredients can help you make skin health second nature.

The right system of skin care products will help make skin health second nature.