TheraSIP Swallowing Trainer Kit

TheraSIP Swallowing Trainer Kit

Manufacturer: Therasip
TheraSIP Swallowing Trainer developed by Kathleen Smead Easy-to-use tool to strengthen swallowing abilities. Micro-resist straws of varying degrees of difficulty and a 25-ml gauged measuring cylinder filled with water are used to teach clients to make "effortful suck" followed by "effortful swallow". Repetitive small sips of water are sucked and swallowed with hard effort. TheraSTRAWS included are used for limiting bolus size during intake of thin liquids. Uses traditional swallowing therapy techniques combined with neuromuscular resistance exercise and is ideal for use with e-stim or NMES treatments. The single client kit can be prescribed for independent exercise. Kit includes gauged cylinder with sliding guide to mark fluid levels, set of straws, measuring cup, instructional manual, and recording sheets. Single-client use only. TheraSIP Professional Series (PS) Completely autoclavable TheraSip kit for use in dysphagia supervised assessment and training. Four stainless steel micro-resist straws of varying degrees of difficulty, 50-ml gauged measuring cylinder, graduated cup, instructional manual, data recording cards, carrying case, and individual-use TheraSIP Swallowing Trainer. TheraSTRAWS Each set includes four straws to be prescribed to clients for safer intake of thin liquids. Two of the smaller straws can be fitted into larger green straw to expand outer diameters for clients with weak lip strength. Easily bent and cleansed for reuse by microwaving. Individual use only. Order Now

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