Terumo Runthrough NS Hypercoat Coronary Guidewires

Terumo Runthrough NS Hypercoat Coronary Guidewires

Manufacturer: Terumo Medical Corporation
  • RUNTHROUGH NS HYPERCOAT Coronary GuidewireProduct Overview:-
  • Designed to be your complex coronary wire of choice-Runthrough NS Hypercoat is an enhanced hydrophilic guidewire for tortuous, distal lesions and tight stenotic complex lesions.
  • Enhanced M-coat hydrophilic coating for improved trackability - Proprietary enhanced M-coat provides superior wire trackability to reach tortuous distal lesions-comparable to plastic-jacketed wires.
  • Low-weight flexible tip engineered for easy prolapse - A low tip weight and a highly flexible tip enables easy prolapse in the distal anatomy, which may add to its safety when used in complex PCI.
  • Nitinol core-to-tip design for superior tip durability - This feature enables a single Runthrough wire to be used for multiple vessels, potentially reducing a facility's wire usage, saving both time and money.

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