Sterile Major Laparotomy Surgical Tray II
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Sterile Major Laparotomy Surgical Tray II

  • Sterile Major Laparotomy Surgical Tray II includes: 1/ea Bag, Bedside, Paper; 1/ea Basin, Emesis; 1/ea Basin, Ring; 1/ea Bowl, 32 oz (946 ml), Graduated.
  • 1/ea Cautery Pencil, Rckr, w/ PTFE Tip; 1/ea Container, Specimen, 4 oz (120 ml), w/Lid; 2/ea Cup, Medicine, Clear, 2 oz (60 ml).
  • 1/ea Drape, Laparotomy, T, Aurora, 102" x 121" x 78" (259 x 307 x 198 cm) - DYNJP3003; 4/ea Drape, Utility, w/Tape, 15" x 26" (38 x 66 cm).
  • 10/ea Gauze, 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cm), 16-Ply, X-Ray; 2/ea Gown, Prevention Plus, XL; 1/ea Gown, Sirus®, Non-Rein, XL, w/Abs Towel.
  • 10/ea Lap sponge, 18" x 18" (46 x 46 cm), X-Ray; 1/ea Mayo Stand Cover; 1/ea Foam/Magnetic Needle Counter, 40 ct, Foam/Mag; 1/ea Pitcher, 1200 ml, w/Handle.
  • 1/ea Scalpel Holder; 1/ea Skin/Utility Marker, Ruler & Labels; 1/ea Syringe, 10 ml, L/L; 1/ea Syringe, Bulb; 1/ea Table Cover, 50" x 90" (127 x 229 cm).
  • 1/ea Tubing, Suction, 1/4" x 144" (0.63 x 366 cm); 12/ea Blue OR Towels; 1/ea Transfer Tray; 1/ea Yankauer, Bulb Tip, w/o Vent.

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Disposable Yes
HPIS Code 511_270_0_0
Latex Free Yes
Procedure Type Laparotomy
Type of Drape Laparotomy T
UNSPSC 42294927




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