ReNewal Reprocessed Stryker Trocars
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ReNewal Reprocessed Stryker Trocars

  • Establishing a port of entry for instruments used during minimally invasive surgeries
  • ReNewal reprocessed products help lower your costs, are as safe and effective as equivalent new products, and greatly reduce medical waste
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Material Description Packaging
391007550R 3910-075-500 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (GREY) 5 5/CS
391007550RH 3910-075-500 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (GREY) 5 1 EA
391007551R 3910-075-501 @DRI-LOK CAN, SMOOTH (GREY) 5/CS
391007551RH 3910-075-501 @DRI-LOK CAN, SMOOTH (GREY) 1 EA
391007552R 3910-075-502 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 5/CS
391007552RH 3910-075-502 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 1 EA
391007561R 3910-075-650 @DRI-LOK CAN, FULL THRD (BL 5/CS
391007561RH 3910-075-650 @DRI-LOK CAN, FULL THRD (BL 1 EA
391007562R 3910-075-651 @DRI-LOK CAN, SMOOTH (BLACK 5/CS
391007562RH 3910-075-651 @DRI-LOK CAN, SMOOTH (BLACK 1 EA
391007563R 3910-075-652 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 5/CS
391007563RH 3910-075-652 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 1 EA
391007564R 3910075651 @DRI-LOK CAN, NON-THRD (BLACK 5/CS
391007564RH 3910075651 @DRI-LOK CAN, NON-THRD (BLACK 1 EA
391007565R 3910075650 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (BLACK) 6. 5/CS
391007565RH 3910075650 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (BLACK) 6. 1 EA
391007580R 3910075800 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (MAROON) 8 5/CS
391007580RH 3910075800 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (MAROON) 8 1 EA
391007581R 3910-075-801 @DRI-LOK CAN, SMOOTH (MAROO 5/CS
391007581RH 3910-075-801 @DRI-LOK CAN, SMOOTH (MAROO 1 EA
391007582R 3910-075-802 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 5/CS
391007582RH 3910-075-802 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 1 EA
391009050R 3910-090-500 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (GREY) 5 5/CS
391009050RH 3910-090-500 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (GREY) 5 1 EA
391009061R 3910-090-652 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 5/CS
391009061RH 3910-090-652 @DRI-LOK CAN, DISTAL THRD ( 1 EA
391009065R 3910-090-650 @DRI-LOK CAN, FULL THRD, (B 5/CS
391009065RH 3910-090-650 @DRI-LOK CAN, FULL THRD, (B 1 EA
391009080R 3910-090-800 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (MAROON) 5/CS
391009080RH 3910-090-800 @DRI-LOK CAN, THRD (MAROON) 1 EA


Color Grey, Black, Maroon
Diameter mm 5 mm, 6.5 mm, 8 mm
HPIS Code 999_190_0_0
Latex Free Yes
Reprocessed Item Yes
Shaft Length MM 75, 90
Size 8 x 75 mm




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391007580RH 391007580RH MEDLINE SKE3910075800 STRYKER
391007550RH 391007550RH MEDLINE SKE391075500 STRYKER
391007562RH 391007562RH MEDLINE SKE3910075651 STRYKER
391007565RH 391007565RH MEDLINE SKE3910075650 STRYKER
391007562R 391007562R MEDLINE SKE3910075651 STRYKER
391007565R 391007565R MEDLINE SKE3910075650 STRYKER
391007580R 391007580R MEDLINE SKE3910075800 STRYKER
391007550R 391007550R MEDLINE SKE391075500 STRYKER
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