Rapid-Flow Strl Filter Unit with CN Membrane by Thermo Scientific
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Rapid-Flow Strl Filter Unit with CN Membrane by Thermo Scientific

  • Nalgene Rapid-Flow Sterile Disposable Filter Units with CN Membrane
  • CN Membrane
  • Triton-free
  • Has a green collar for easy identification of correct membrane type
  • Upper Chamber
  • Separates from receiver for easy access to filtrate
  • Clearly marked with pore size, membrane type, catalog number, lot number and expiration date for traceablility
  • Receiver Bottle
  • Leakproof# screw cap eliminates pH shift in receiver bottle to provide longer life for stored fluids
  • An ideal filtrate storage vessel
  • Other Features
  • Padless membrane support minimizes foaming of proteinaceous samples
  • Non-pyrogenic and non-cytogenic
  • 50 or 75mm diameter membrane, polyethylene adapter, and quick-disconnect tubing adapter
  • Each pack of 500 and 1000mL units includes 12 glass fiber prefilters
  • All sizes except 115mL supplied with sterile polyethylene leakproof closure that lets you use the receiver for filtrate storage
  • Gamma radiation-sterilized and individually wrapped for a five-year sterile shelf life
  • 115mL Sizes
  • Compact filter units for quick filtration of 50 to 100mL of fluid
  • Unitary construction with non-separable upper and receiver components
  • Side arm on reciever
  • Not intended for post-filtration storage of media (use Rapid-Flow products if media storage is required)
  • 115mL sizes do not have Rapid-Flow support plate design

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Material Description Packaging
MLV1210020 FILTER UNIT CN 12PK 72CS 0.2UL 115ML 12/PK
MLV1210045 FILTER UNIT CN 12PK 72CS 0.45UL 115ML 12/PK
MLV1250020 0.2UM 150ML FILTER UNIT CN 12/CS
MLV1250045 0.45UM 150ML FILTER UNIT CN 72/CS 12/CS
MLV1250080 0.8UM 150ML FILTER UNIT CN 12/CS 12/CS
MLV1260020 FILTER UNITCN 250ML 50MM 0.2UM 12EA / CS 12/CS
MLV1260045 FILTER UNITCN 250ML 50MM 12PK 12CS 0.45U 12/CS
MLV1260080 FILTER UNITCN 250ML 50MM 0.8UM 12EA / CS 12/CS
MLV1270020 FILTER UNITCN 1L 75MM 0.2UM 12EA / CS 12/CS
MLV1270045 FILTER UNITCN 1L 75MM 0.45UM 12EA / CS 12/CS
MLV1270080 FILTER UNITCN 1L 75MM 0.8UM 12EA / CS 12/CS
MLV1570020 0.2UM 250ML FLTR UNIT SFCA 12/CS
MLV1570045 0.45UM 250ML FLTR UNIT SFCA 12/CS 12/CS
MLV1610020 FILTER UNIT SFCA 0.2UM 90MM 1000ML 12/CS
MLV1610045 FLTR UNIT SFCA 0.45UM 90MM 1000ML 12/CS





HPIS Code 220_40_60_0
Latex Free Yes
UNSPSC 41104921

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