Protein LoBind Deepwell 96/2000

Protein LoBind Deepwell 96/2000

Manufacturer: Eppendorf North America
  • Plate Deepwell 96/2000 With Protein Lobind
  • Surface Minimized adsorption of protein to plastic
  • RecoverMax well design: Maximizing the recovery of valuable samples and minimizes contamination risk
  • OptiTrack matrix: Alphanumeric coding that provides easy identification of individual wells, thus reducing the risk of error
  • g-Safe: High centrifugal stability and chemical resistance
  • Automation optimized: High precision SBS format with multiple sealing options, easily stacked and stable
  • Specifically designed for use in proteomics or other fields of protein research (antibodies, cell biology, peptide drugs etc.), where samples tend to be very small and sample recovery is vital
  • LoBind tubes improve recovery by reducing sample-to-tube binding-without the use of any additives or coatings
  • A combination of specially developed technology and the purest, select polypropylene results in tube binding that ensures minimal loss (<3%)
  • Enzymes remain active, and they are not denatured by any tube-surface interactions
  • Protein LoBind material guarantees up to 97% sample recovery independent on incubation time
  • OptiTrack labeling for 30% faster well identification and fewer pipetting erroes due to the color coded border with high-contrast alphanumeric labeling

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EPP1135 Deepwell Plate 96/2000uL, Regular Package, Protein Lobind, White, 20 Plates (5 Bags Of 4) 20/CS
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EPP1153 DWP 96/2000, PROT LOBIND, WHITE, CS/4X20 80/CS
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