Premium Micro-Fill Wet/Dry Mop
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Premium Micro-Fill Wet / Dry Mop

  • For daily wet or damp cleaning of floors and walls
  • Double layer of 100% split microfiber with a microfiber fill offering more durability than foam-filled alternatives
  • Increased size to accommodate laundry customers
  • Banding around the edge for increased durability
  • Premium hook-and-loop construction for improved adherence to the mop frame
  • Square corners to clean corners more effectively


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Major Cleaning

Microfiber mops have been shown to pick up more dust and dirt than conventional mops. The environmental staff at the University of California Davis Medical Center performed a demonstration of this:

  • First, they cleaned an area with a conventional mop and then re-cleaned with a microfiber mop. This was done several times, and in each case the microfiber mop captured additional dust and dirt.
  • Then the same test was done in reverse order. However, the
    conventional mop was not able to capture additional dust and
    dirt beyond the capabilities of the microfiber mop.1

Save time. Your staff can clean more when they don’t have
to wring out the mop or change the solution, typically every
three rooms.

  • Simplify cleaning. The ergonomic pads and handles make it easy
    to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as behind toilets, against
    baseboards and around corners.

Major Productivity

  • Microfiber protocol: mop the floor, change the mop head and move
    to the next room. The same solution can be used for up to 22 rooms, as long as a dirty mop head is never put back in the solution.

Major Savings

  • Cut costs. There’s much less chemical and water usage when the same solution is used throughout a shift.

Major Safety Enhancements

  • Reduce risks of staff injuries. Not wringing out the mop or lifting the heavy bucket to change the solution between rooms means fewer opportunities for back injuries.
  • Limit the spread of germs. The dirty mop head is removed between each room, and the contaminants go with it.

1. Using Microfiber Mops in Hospitals. Environmental Protection Agency. Available at: Accessed March 17, 2016.



Color Green
HPIS Code 480_60_0_0
Latex Free Yes
UNSPSC 47131600


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