Oxygen Regulators
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Oxygen Regulators

  • Adult and pediatric oxygen regulators.

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Material Description Packaging
WMDM1211 Regulators: Nitrogen Regulator with 1120A Nipple and 1/4" NPT Male Outlet 1 EA
WMDM1346P Regulators: Med Air Regulator, Nut and Nipple, 346 CGA 1 EA
WMDM1346PGH Regulators: Medical Air Regulator, 346-Handtight NN 1 EA
WMDM154015FG Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, 870-CGA, 2-15 LPM 1 EA
WMDM154015FM Regulators: Flowmeter O2 Regulator, 540 CGA, 15 LPM 1 EA
WMDM15408FG Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, 540-CGA, 1-8 LPM 1 EA
WMDM1540PED Regulators: Pediatric Oxygen Regulator, 540 CGA, 1/8-1 LPM 1 EA
WMDM1540PED3 Regulators: Pediatric Oxygen Regulator, 1/32-1/2 LPM 1 EA
WMDM1580PG Regulators: Nitrogen Regulator, 580 H-T, Nut and Nipple Connection 1 EA
WMDM1580PGB Regulators: Clinical Regulator, 0-50 PSI, 560CGA 1 EA
WMDM187015FG Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, 870-CGA, 2-15 LPM 1 EA
WMDM187015FM Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, 870-CGA, 1/2-15 LPM 1 EA
WMDM1870PED Regulators: Pediatric Oxygen Regulator, 870CGA, 1/8-1 LPM 1 EA
WMDM1870PED3 Regulators: Pediatric Oxygen Regulator, 1/32-1/2 LPM 1 EA
WMDM195015FM Regulators: Flowmeter Air Regulator, 15L, CGA-950 YOKE 1 EA
WMDM1950P Regulators: Medical Air Regulator, CGA 950-Yoke 1 EA
WMDMNR600 Regulators: Oxytote NG Regulator, Head Only 1 EA
WMDMR87015FG Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, 870-CGA, 2-15 LPM 1 EA
WMDNMR87015FM Regulators: Oxygen Flowmeter Regulator, 870-CGA 1 EA
WMDOPA510 Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, CGA540, 1/64-2 LPM 1 EA
WMDOPA810 Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, CGA870, 1/64-2 LPM 1 EA
WMDOPA820 Regulators: Oxygen Regulator, 1/4-15 LPM, CGA870 1 EA


Connector Type CGA540, CGA870, "16Unf Thread Alum Cyl
HPIS Code 680_330_60_0
Latex Free Yes, No
Material Brass Sleeve
Procedure Type Medical Gas Delivery
Size 0 - 0.5 Liters per Minute, 0.5-25 Lpm, 1/4 Lpm To 15 Lpm, 1/4 - 2 Lpm
UNSPSC 42271707
Unit Compatibility "16Unf Thread (Alum Cyln), Oxygen 870 Cga Yoke, Oxygen CGA-870 Yoke, Oxygen Cylinder 540 Cga, Oxygen Cylinder




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