Microcentrifuge With Rotary Knobs

Microcentrifuge With Rotary Knobs

Manufacturer: Eppendorf North America
  • Models 5424 and 5424R are versatile 24-place centrifuges that set standards for silence, speed, and simplicity in operation
  • Centrifuges are whisper quiet, even when running without the rotor lid
  • Provide centrifugation speed up to 21,130g (15,000rpm), with additional spin functions to satisfy all standard applications
  • The operating concepts and overall design are based on in-depth ergonomic studies, making everyday routines faster and easier
  • All 5424R models offer precise temperature control
  • Fixed-angle rotor is ideal for standard applications and centrifugation of biohazardous or radioactive samples
  • Miniprep spin column rotor features an extra-high rim to support open tube lids
  • The PCR tube rotor is ideal in "knockdown" spin applications for liquids after reaction setup
  • The PTFE-coated rotor is designed for applications requiring high chemical resistance and easy cleaning, such as procedures involving phenol or chloroform
  • Certified aerosol-tight rotors have red screw-tops for easy identification
  • All rotors are supplied with lids

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