Microcaps/Bulb Dispensers by Drummond Scientific
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Microcaps / Bulb Dispensers by Drummond Scientific

  • Microcaps
  • The original, disposable Drummond Microcap
  • The most accurate (±1%)1
  • The most dependable
  • The easiest to use micropipet available anywhere
  • Drummond Microcaps are a fast, safe, clean, and accurate way to transfer liquids in micro quantities
  • They are precision-bore glass capillary tubes cut to predetermined lengths so that fill volumes are constant and precise
  • Microcaps are inexpensive and disposable
  • Using a Microcap is simple. Capillary action draws the fluid into the tube and a squeeze of the bulb will dispense it
  • For spotting applications such as TLC, a unique spotting holder is available which will allow the liquid to be dispensed simply by touching the tube to the spotting surface
  • 100 Microcaps and one Bulb Dispenser included


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Material Description Packaging
DMN000000555 MICROCAP, 0.5 UL, 55MM 100/PK
DMN000000564 MICROCAP, 0.5 UL, 64MM 100/PK
DMN000001055 MICROCAP, 1.0 UL, 55MM 100/PK
DMN000001064 MICROCAP, 1.0 UL, 64MM 100/PK
DMN000002055 MICROCAP, 2.0 UL, 55MM 100/PK
DMN000002064 MICROCAP, 2.0 UL, 64MM 100/PK
DMN000003055 MICROCAP, 3.0 UL, 55MM 100/PK
DMN000005055 MICROCAP, 5.0 UL, 55MM 100/PK
DMN000010064 MICROCAP, 10 UL, 64MM 100/PK
DMN000020032 MICROCAP, 20 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN000040080 MICROCAP, 40 UL, 80MM 100/PK
DMN001000100 MICROCAP, 100 UL, 100MM 100/PK
DMN10000001 MICROCAP, 0.1 UL, 16MM 100/PK
DMN10000002 MICROCAP, 0.2 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN100000025 MICROCAP, 0.25 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000004 MICROCAP, 0.4 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000005 MICROCAP, 0.5 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000010 MICROCAP, 1.0 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000015 MICROCAP, 1.5 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000020 MICROCAP, 2.0 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000030 MICROCAP, 3.0 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000033 MICROCAP, 3.33 UL, 36MM 100/PK
DMN10000040 MICROCAP, 4.0 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000050 MICROCAP, 5.0 UL, 32MM 100/PK
DMN10000060 MICROCAP, 6.0 UL, 38MM 100/PK
DMN10000066 MICROCAP, 6.66 UL, 72MM 100/PK
DMN10000070 MICROCAP, 7.0 UL, 45MM 100/PK
DMN10000080 MICROCAP, 8.0 UL, 44MM 100/PK
DMN10000090 MICROCAP, 9.0 UL, 49MM 100/PK
DMN10000100 MICROCAP, 10 UL, 41MM 100/PK
DMN10000150 MICROCAP, 15 UL, 54MM 100/PK
DMN10000200 MICROCAP, 20 UL, 64MM 100/PK
DMN10000250 MICROCAP, 25 UL, 65MM 100/PK
DMN10000300 MICROCAP, 30 UL, 78MM 100/PK
DMN10000350 MICROCAP, 35 UL, 70MM 100/PK
DMN10000400 MICROCAP, 40 UL, 52MM 100/PK
DMN10000447 MICROCAP, 44.7 UL, 52MM 100/PK
DMN10000500 MICROCAP, 50 UL, 100MM 100/PK
DMN10000750 MICROCAP, 75 UL, 101MM 100/PK
DMN10000800 MICROCAP, 80 UL, 93MM 100/PK
DMN10001000 MICROCAP, 100 UL, 116MM 100/PK
DMN1000125K MICROCAP, 0.5, 1,2, 5,10 UL 5/PK
DMN10002000 MICROCAP, 200 UL, 127MM 100/PK
DMN10002500 MICROCAP, 250 UL, 127MM 100/PK



HPIS Code 220_20_30_0
Latex Free Yes
UNSPSC 41121500


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