Load Recordkeeping Labels by SPS Medical
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Load Recordkeeping Labels by SPS Medical

  • Label to indicate status
  • Helps prevent accidental misuse of labeled products
  • Variety of colors and statuses for easy visual identification

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Material Description Packaging
SDCBSL010MB Labels: Paper "Sterilized" Label, Blue, Meto 10/BX
SDCBWL010 Labels: Paper Blank Label, White 10/BX
SDCDEL010BX Labels: Paper DUAL "Expiration" Label 10/BX
SDCGEL010BX Labels: Paper "Expires" Label, Green 10/BX
SDCPEL010BX Labels: Paper "Expires" Label, Purple 10/BX
SDCREL010MBX Labels: Paper "Expires" Label, Red 10/BX
SDCRER010 Labels: Paper 2-Line "Sterile Unless..." Label, Red 10/BX
SDCSCL010R Labels: Universal 2-Line "Sterilized" Label, Red 10/BX
SDCSRL012Y Labels: Universal 2-Line "Sterilized" Label, Yellow 12/BX
SDCSUD010GBX Labels: Paper "Sterile Unless..." Label, Green 10/BX
SDCSUD010MY Labels: Paper "Sterile Unless..." Label, Yellow 10/BX
SDCSUD010YBX Labels: Paper "Sterile Unless..." Label, Yellow 10/BX
SDCUCE010K Labels: Universal "Expires" Label, Black 10/BX
SDCUCL010B Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Blue 10/BX
SDCUCL010K Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Black 10/BX
SDCUCL010R Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Red 10/BX
SDCUCL010Y Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Yellow 10/CS
SDCURL012 Labels: Universal Blank Label 12/BX
SDCURL012B Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Blue 12/BX
SDCURL012G Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Green 12/CS
SDCURL012K Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Black 12/BX
SDCURL012R Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Red 12/BX
SDCURL012RH Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Red 1 EA
SDCURL012Y Labels: Universal "Sterilized" Label, Yellow 12/BX


HPIS Code 999_260_180_0, 700_80_60_0
Latex Free Yes, No
UNSPSC 42142301, 42000000




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