Grade GB003 Standard Blotting Paper by Whatman
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Grade GB003 Standard Blotting Paper by Whatman

  • Pure cellulose produced entirely from the highest quality cotton linters with no additives of any kind helps ensure no contamination will occur during the transfer steps
  • Manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic and blotting techniques
  • Excellent wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action

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Material Description Packaging
GEH10426880 PAPER, GB003 100X100MM 50/PK 50/PK
GEH10426890 PAPER, GB003 300X600MM 25/PK 25/PK
GEH10426892 PAPER, GB003 580X600MM 50/PK 50/PK
GEH10426972 PAPER, GB005 150X150MM 25/PK 25/PK
GEH10426981 PAPER, GB005 200X200MM 25/PK 25/PK
GEH10426994 PAPER, GB005 580X580MM 25/PK 25/PK
GEH10427804 PAPER, GB003 110X140MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10427805 PAPER, GB003 100X150MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10427806 PAPER, GB003 70X100MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10427810 PAPER, GB003 150X150MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10427812 PAPER, GB003 150X200MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10427813 PAPER, GB003 160X180MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10427818 PAPER, GB003 200X200MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10427826 PAPER, GB003 460X570MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10547922 GB003 200X250MM 100/PK 100/PK


HPIS Code 255_20_30_0
Latex Free No
UNSPSC 41104921, 41115727




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