Deepwell Plates Sterile by Eppendorf
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Deepwell Plates Sterile by Eppendorf

  • Sterile Deepwell Plate with 96 Wells, 500 microliter Volume, Red Border
  • Features:
  • Bacterial cultures
  • High-throughput, sample storage, optional bar coding available, raised well rims for effective sealing
  • Storage of cryo cultures, e.g. cells/cell lysates
  • Storage of DNA, RNA, PCR products, proteins and Protein extraction and expression
  • Autoclavable (121 degrees C, 20 minutes), Active substance Screening / combinatorial chemistry

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Material Description Packaging
EPP1164 96-DWP/500UL STERILE, RED, PK/40 40/CS
EPP1182 96-DWP/500UL STERILE, YELLOW, PK/120 120/CS
EPP1183 96-DWP/500UL STERILE, RED, PK/120 120/CS
EPP1184 96-DWP/500UL STERILE, GREEN, PK/120 120/CS
EPP1185 96-DWP/500UL STERILE, BLUE, PK/120 120/CS
EPP1199 96-DWP/1000UL STERILE, RED, PK/20 20/CS
EPP1214 96-DWP/1000UL STERILE, YELLOW, PK/80 80/CS
EPP1215 96-DWP/1000UL STERILE, RED, PK/80 80/CS
EPP1216 96-DWP/1000UL STERILE, GREEN, PK/80 80/CS
EPP1217 96-DWP/1000UL STERILE, BLUE, PK/80 80/CS
EPP1240 96-DWP/2000UL STERILE, YELLOW, PK/80 80/CS
EPP1241 96-DWP/2000UL STERILE, GREEN, PK/80 80/CS
EPP1242 96-DWP/2000UL STERILE, BLUE, PK/80 80/CS
EPP1257 384-DWP/200UL STERILE, YELLOW, PK/40 40/CS
EPP1258 384-DWP/200UL STERILE, RED, PK/40 40/CS
EPP1259 384-DWP/200UL STERILE, GREEN, PK/40 40/CS
EPP1260 384-DWP/200UL STERILE, BLUE, PK/40 40/CS
EPP1273 384-DWP/200UL STERILE, YELLOW, PK/120 120/CS
EPP1274 384-DWP/200UL STERILE, BLUE, PK/120 120/CS


HPIS Code 80_30_50_0
Latex Free No




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