DURAC Specific Gravity ASTM Hydrometer For Heavy Liquid by BelArt
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DURAC Specific Gravity ASTM Hydrometer For Heavy Liquid by BelArt

  • DURAC Specific Gravity ASTM Hydrometer For Heavy Liquid
  • Available in a variety of models measuring specific gravity of heavy liquids in various ranges from 0.650 to 2.000 in accordance with the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) E100 standards
  • Conform to the accuracy requirements of ASTM hydrometers
  • Commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmacology, transportation, refrigeration and more
  • Lead free ballast and glass
  • Individually serialized
  • Temperature standardization: 60°F/60°F
  • Hand inspected by our U.S. quality team in our exclusive triple accredited/registered ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and A2LA Accredited Calibration Laboratory; internationally recognized and accepted by the signatory economies of the ILAC/MRA and located in our ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System registered facility
  • Packaged with a multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) Statement of Accuracy indicating accuracy traceable to NIST
  • Note: ASTM hydrometers should be stored in a clean, dry, safe place; They should not be subjected to extreme temperatures

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Material Description Packaging
BRT618911600 HYDROMETER, ASTM112H, 1.050/1.100SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618911700 HYDROMETER, ASTM113H, 1.100/1.150SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618911800 HYDROMETER, ASTM114H, 1.150/1.200SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618911900 HYDROMETER, ASTM115H, 1.200/1.250SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912000 HYDROMETER, ASTM116H, 1.250/1.300SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912100 HYDROMETER, ASTM117H, 1.300/1.350SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912200 HYDROMETER, ASTM118H, 1.350/1.400SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912300 HYDROMETER, ASTM129H, 1.200/1.250SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912400 HYDROMETER, ASTM130H, 1.250/1.300SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912500 HYDROMETER, ASTM131H, 1.300/1.350SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912600 HYDROMETER, ASTM132H, 1.350/1.400SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912700 HYDROMETER, ASTM133H, 1.400/1.450SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618912800 HYDROMETER, ASTM134H, 1.450/1.500SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618912900 HYDROMETER, ASTM135H, 1.500/1.550SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618913000 HYDROMETER, ASTM136H, 1.550/1.600SPECIFI 1 EA
BRT618913200 HYDROMETER, ASTM119H, 1.400/1.450 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618913300 HYDROMETER, ASTM120H, 1.450/1.500 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618913500 HYDROMETER, ASTM126H, 1.050/1.100SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618913600 HYDROMETER, ASTM114H, 1.100/1.150 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618913700 HYDROMETER, ASTM128H, 1.150/1.200 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618913800 HYDROMETER, ASTM 137H, 1.600/1.650SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618913900 HYDROMETER, ASTM138H, 1.650/1.700 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618914000 HYDROMETER, ASTM139H, 1.700/1.750 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618914100 HYDROMETER, ASTM 140H, 1.750/1.800SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618914200 HYDROMETER, ASTM141H, 1.800/1.850 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618914300 HYDROMETER, ASTM142H, 1.850/1.900 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618914400 HYDROMETER, ASTM143H, 1.900/1.950 SPECIFIC 1 EA
BRT618914500 HYDROMETER, ASTM144H, 1.950/2.000 SPECIFIC 1 EA


HPIS Code 255_20_70_0
Latex Free No
UNSPSC 41113024




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