Cerebral/Somatic Oximetry Pediatric Sensors by Medtronic

Cerebral / Somatic Oximetry Pediatric Sensors by Medtronic

Manufacturer: Medtronic Usa
  • Disposable transducers capable of producing and detecting optical data from the patient, converting the data to electrical signals and sending the signals to the INVOS 5100C Cerebral / somatic oximeter, where they are displayed as a regional oxygen saturation value called rSO2
  • The OxyAlert NIRSensor has a small adhesive pad and gentle hydrocolloid adhesive for use with infants and neonates
  • Unlike the adult and pediatric SomaSensor unit, the OxyAlert NIRSensor cable is integrated and therefore reusable sensor cables are not required

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SWDSPFBUSA SomaSensor Disposable Oximeter, Pediatric 20/CS
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