Cellulose Acetate Membranes by Whatman
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Cellulose Acetate Membranes by Whatman

  • Cellulose Acetate Membrane Circle
  • OE 66- 0.2UM Pore Size
  • OE 67 - 0.45UM Pore Size
  • ST 68 - 0.8UM Pore Size
  • Whatman cellulose acetate membranes are made from pure cellulose acetate making them suitable for biological and clinical analysis, sterility tests, and scintillation measurements
  • Cellulose acetate membrane filters exhibit very low protein binding capacity
  • They are hydrophilic making them suitable for aqueous and alcoholic media
  • The cellulose acetate membranes have improved solvent resistance, particularly to low molecular weight alcohols, and increased heat resistance
  • With high physical strength, the membrane filters can be used up to 180ºC, are suitable for hot gases, and can be sterilized by all methods without sacrificing the integrity of the membrane


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Material Description Packaging
GEH10403012 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, ST69 1.2UM 47MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10403112 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, ST68 0.8UM 47MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404001 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE67 0.45UM 13MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404006 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE67 0.45UM 25MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404012 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE67 0.45UM 47MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404014 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE67 0.45UM 50MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404026 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE67 0.45UM 110MM 50/PK 50/PK
GEH10404031 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE67 0.45UM 142MM 25/PK 25/PK
GEH10404044 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE67 0.45UM 85MM 50/PK 50/PK
GEH10404106 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 0.2UM 25MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404112 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 0.2UM 47MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404114 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 0.2UM 50MM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH10404126 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 0.2UM 110MM 50/PK 50/PK
GEH10404131 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 0.2UM 142MM 25/PK 25/PK
GEH10404139 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 0.2UM 293MM 25/PK 25/PK
GEH10404170 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 ST 0.2UM 47MM 100/PK
GEH10404180 MEMBRANE, ACETATE, OE666 0.2UM 300X600MM 5/PK



HPIS Code 220_40_140_0
Latex Free No
UNSPSC 41104921


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