CURAD BioMask Antiviral Isolation Mask
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CURAD BioMask Antiviral Isolation Mask

Manufacturer: Medline
  • CURAD® BioMaskTM universal standard flat mask with pleats inactivates 99.99% of tested influenza viruses on 5 minutes contact with the surface of the facemask
  • Tested on specific seasonal flu viruses, Pandemic H1N1*, Avian* and Swine* & Equine*, the BioMask has a hydrophilic plastic coating that rapidly absorbs aerosol droplets away from the outer surface of the mask
  • The first and second layers of the mask are treated with different compounds that inactivate influenza viruses
  • Rapid absorption ensures the influenza A & B viruses are wicked away from the outer surface
  • In the outer active layer, viruses are inactivated by exposure to a low pH environment
  • Meets ASTM F2100-07 standard: High Barrier surgical facemask

    *Mask tested against Human (H1N1), A/Brisbane/59/2007; Human (H1N1), A/Wisconsin/10/98; Human (H1N1), A/New Jersey/8/76; Human (H3N2), A/Brisbane/10/2007; Human (H3N2) ,A/Wisconsin/67/2005; Human, B/Florida/4/2006; Human B/Lee/40; Pandemic H1N1, A/California/07/09; Human (H2N2), A/2/Japan/305/57; Avian (H5N1), NIBRG-14; Duck (H5N2), A/Duck/PA /10218/84; Avian (H9N2), Turkey/Wisconsin/66; Swine (H1N1), A/Swine/1976/31; Equine (H3N8), A/Equine/2/Miami/63; and Human (H1N1) A/PR/8/34

    This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection

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