Burdick EKG / ECG Accessories
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Burdick EKG / ECG Accessories

  • Available accessories for your Burdick EKG / ECG systems

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Material Description Packaging
BDK004271 Cables, Data: PT Data Cable 1 EA
BDK007710 Cables, Patient: 3-Lead Patient Cable Set 1 EA
BDK007711 Cables, Patient: 3-Lead Patient ECG Cable 1 EA
BDK007911Z Folders: ECG Mount Pressure-Sensitive Folder 100/BX
BDK012070100 Cables, Patient: 10-Lead ECG Patient Cable for EK8/E310 1 EA
BDK036717011 Lead Wires: Lead Wire Kit, 10-Lead, Pinch, AHA 1 EA
BDK040153300 Upgrade: Field Upgrade for Atria 6100 1 EA
BDK043012000 Software Upgrades: Holter Vision Software Upgrade 3.4 1 EA
BDK043012100 Software Upgrades: Vision Premier Software Upgrade, 3.3 - 3.4 1 EA
BDK100065001 Software: Software Upgrade Kit for Atria 8300 or 8500 ECG 1 EA
BDK146010000 Batteries: Battery for Eclipse Premier ECG 1 EA
BDK2501900660 Cables, USB: USB Download Cable for H3+ Holter 1 EA
BDK410003252 Cables, Patient: Patient Cable 1 EA
BDK410003350 Acquisition Modules: AM12 Acquisition Module, AHA Clip Leads 1 EA
BDK4101012 Power Supply: External AC Power Supply For Surveyor S19 Patient Monitor 1 EA
BDK4800006 Batteries: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery for ELI 250C ECG 1 EA
BDK4800013 Batteries: Replacement Battery for ELI 280 ECG, Rechargeable 1 EA
BDK848502650 Belts, Patient Cable: Belt for Stress Patient Cable 1 EA
BDK910002650 Paper, Thermal: Thermal Paper for Eli 250/250C/280 Resting Electrocardiograph 12/CS
BDK910002650Z Paper, Thermal: Thermal Paper for Eli 250/250C/280 Resting Electrocardiograph 1 PK
BDK910002660 Paper, Thermal: Thermal Paper for Eli Z2XX+, Z-Fold 12/CS
BDK910002950 Paper, Thermal: Thermal Paper for Eli 230 Resting Electrocardiograph 12/CS
BDK929301750 Cables, Patient: 10-Wire AHA Patient Cable, Snap Connectors 1 EA
BDK929303652 Cables, Patient: H3+ 5-Lead 3-Channel Patient Cable, AHA Snap 1 EA
BDK929304050 Cables: 10-Lead ECG Cable, Banana Plug 1 EA
BDK929304607 Combiner, Wire: Lead Wire Combiner for WAM Leads for Burdick ECG 1 EA
BDK929304660 Cables, Patient: 10-Lead Patient Cable, AHA, Banana 1 EA
BDK929304662 Cables: Replacement Lead Set, AHA, Limb Leads with Banana Plugs for WAM or AM12 1 EA
BDK929304664 Cables, ECG: Replacement ECG Cable Set, Banana Plug, WAM or AM12 1 EA
BDK929304854 Acquisition Modules: Acquisition Module without Lead Wires for Eli ECG 1 EA
BDK932500150 Adapters: Universal Adapter for Clips, White, 4 mm 1 PK
BDK991101605 Drawers: Cart Drawer for ELI X50C, ELI 350 1 EA
BDK991101622 Holster Kit: Cable Holster Kit for ELI ECG Cart with Hardware 1 EA
BDK991101651 Holders, Cable: Patient Cable Holder for ELI 130 ECG 1 EA
BDK991101950 Stand Kits: Rolling Stand Kit 1 EA
BDK991102452 Carts, ECG: ELI ECG Cart with Bin, WAM / AM12 Holster 1 EA
BDK992201950 BP Monitor Kits: Tango M2 Blood Pressure Monitor Kit, XScribe 1 EA
BDK9960068 Flash Cards: Compact Flash Card for 512 MB Vision Recorder 1 EA
BDKV511DGI Software: Vision premier Software and Recorder 1 EA
BDKV511EGI Software: Vision Premier Software with 2 Recorders 1 EA
BDKV511FGI Software: Vision Premier Software, 5 Recorders 1 EA
BDKV531DG Software: Vision Holter Software with PC-Card Interface, 1 Vision 5L Recorder 1 EA
BDKV531EG Software: Holter System Vision Software with Card Reader and 2 Recorders 1 EA
BDKV531FG Software: Holter Vision Software, 5 Recorders 1 EA
BDKXCL4250USB Cables, USB: USB Cable for Holter 4250 1 EA
BDKXDA4250X01 Memory Cards: SD Memory Card for Holter Recorder 4250 1 EA
BDKXUPVISI35E Software Upgrades: Vision and Vision Premier 3.5 (from 3.4) 1 EA
W-A910002653 Paper, Thermal: Thermal Paper for Eli 250/250C/280 Resting Electrocardiograph 12/CS
W-A929303352 Cables, Patient: 10-Wire J-Screw ECG Patient Cable, AHA Snap 1 EA
W-A929303950 Cables: RDS 10-Wire ECG Cable Trunk / Yoke 1 EA


Color White
HPIS Code 400_70_10_20, 400_20_20_0, 999_140_20_0, 400_10_30_0, 400_150_60_0, 775_20_40_0, 400_60_10_0, 400_150_50_10, 400_10_10_10, 770_40_10_0, 999_40_60_0, 400_80_20_0
Latex Free Yes, No
Product Function Transportation
UNSPSC 42181716, 42181702, 42181700, 26111700, 42192404
Unit Compatibility Burdick, Burdick Eli




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BDK910002650Z 9100-026-50 WELCH ALLYN BDK910002650 WELCH ALLYN
BDK991102452 9911-024-52 WELCH ALLYN UME6620 UMF MEDICAL
BDK991102452 9911-024-52 WELCH ALLYN W-A99110246 WELCH ALLYN
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