Biotube by Simport Scientific
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Biotube by Simport Scientific

Manufacturer: Simport Scientific
  • Made of polypropylene.
  • Compatible with most robotic workstations, this polypropylene storage rack can be used with most cell harvesters and leading 8- & 12-channel pipettors.
  • It contains 96 removable polypropylene square tubes in a 8 x 12 configuration, each having a 2.1 ml capacity (2 ml when capped).
  • Although the tubes are square, the bottom is round to facilitate emptying.
  • For procedures requiring a low surface tension such as protein and nucleic acid work, Simport has developed a spécial tube using a type of polypropylene specifically designed to avoid potentially harmful lubricants (such as silicone) while minimizing liquid retention.
  • The autoclavable rack and tubes (not the cover) are ideal for storage of blood and other biological samples at temperatures, from -170 °C,for freezer storage, up to 121 °C.
  • Tubes are available separately.
  • A PVC cover is also supplied for full protection of tube contents.
  • Racks are stackable to save on storage space.
  • Available in sterile and non sterile versions.

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SMPT10520 Polypropylene Square Tubes 2.0 mL, Nonsterile 4800/CS
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SMPT10520LST Square Tubes 2.0 mL, Low Surface Tension, N-S 4800/CS
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