Balloon Flotation Pacing Catheters by Teleflex Medical
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Balloon Flotation Pacing Catheters by Teleflex Medical

Manufacturer: Teleflex Medical
  • Introducer Kits with Arrow Sheaths bring added convenience to pacing procedures.When cardiac pacing is needed, having the right tools at hand is essential. The Teleflex Arrow Brand offers complete bipolar pacing catheterization kits designed to make the placement of pacing catheters faster, easier and more convenient than ever.Easier to insert at the patient's bedside.The Teleflex Arrow Brand offers two styles of bipolar pacing catheters:
  • Torque-directed catheter provides superior maneuverability and mechanical stability
  • Balloon flotation catheters allow easy and correct positioning at the bedside without fluoroscopyAll kit components are matched to fit:
  • Everything comes packaged in a single, compact kit
  • A variety of appropriately sized needles, syringes, prep solution, lidocaine and drapes are included in each kit
  • Arrow PSI Components are matched to fit the Bipolar Pacing Catheter size
  • An integral side port with hemostasis device is provided for use with the PSIConsider downsizing:
  • Arrow Torque Directed Catheters match the same French size sheath
  • Optional 5 Fr. available in balloon flotation designFeatures:
  • Bipolar Catheter Tips shown are easily identified by catheter color:Torque-directed catheters - BlackBalloon flotation catheters - White
  • Tuohy-Borst locking mechanism maintains catheter stability in situ
  • Tuohy-Borst lock on distal Cath-Gard Catheter maintains sterile sleeve stability

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