400 Series Clear Polyester SealPAK Pouches by Ampac
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400 Series Clear Polyester SealPAK Pouches by Ampac

  • Ampac's 400 Series SealPAK is a 2ply laminated structure consisting of polyester and polyethylene (PET/PE). These boilable and freezable pouches can sustain temperatures from -56 to 115°C (-70 to 240°F). 400 Series SealPAKs are 2.5 mils thick, and are best used for light use and moderate protection. These transparent, airtight, and leak-proof pouches can be sterilized with gamma, infrared, and e-beam. Once sealed, these pouches can also be surface sterilized using VHP.Ampac recommends using 500 Series SealPAKs for applications requiring long-term storage, sharper objects, or chemical solutions.Not finding the pouch size you need? Ampac's SealPAK material also come as tubular rollstock. Only two sides of the tubular rollstock is pre-sealed, allowing flexibility of packaging different sizes and types of objects. Tubular Rollstock comes on a 3" core and is packaged in a corrugated box custom designed to store and dispense product. Seal using Ampac's multi purpose heat sealer.Example 400 Series Known Uses:
  • Outer package for Chemo IV's
  • Chemo cassettes
  • Overwrap for medical trays and kits
  • Animal tissue storage
  • ELISA plate storage
  • Western blotting - storing and incubating blot
  • Overwrap for evidence kits
  • Evidence/Narcotics storage
  • Ion chromatography - ionic analysis of circuit boards

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    Material Description Packaging
    QAM40024 Pouches: 3SS Pouch, PET, 2.5 Mil., 4" x 6" 2400/CS
    QAM40224 Pouches: Poly Pouch, 16 oz., 6.5" x 18" 1800/CS
    QAM40324 Pouches: PET Pouch, 2.5 Mil., 8" x 9.5" 1200/CS
    QAM40424 Pouches: Poly Pouch, 2.5 Mil., 8" x 12" 960/CS
    QAM40524 Pouches: PET Pouch, 2.5 Mil., 10" x 12" 720/CS
    QAM40624 Pouches: Poly Pouch, 9.5" x 16", Regular 480/CS
    QAM50424CS Pouches: 3SS Pouch, PET, 4.5 Mil., 8" x 12" 960/CS


    HPIS Code 700_30_0_0
    Latex Free Yes
    UNSPSC 42281904




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