13 mm NUC Polycarbonate Membrane by Whatman
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13 mm NUC Polycarbonate Membrane by Whatman

  • 13 mm NUC Polycarbonate Membrane
  • Nuclepore track-etched polycarbonate (hydrophilic) membrane, circle, 0.015 µm, 13 mm
  • Low protein binding and low extractables ensuring no sample contamination
  • High chemical resistance and good thermal stability for a wide range of samples
  • Low, consistent ash and low tare weights
  • Smooth flat surface for good visibility of particles
  • Nuclepore track-etched polycarbonate membranes are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate film and have sharply defined pore sizes, high flow rates, and excellent chemical and thermal resistance
  • The membranes have a smooth flat surface and exhibit very low levels of extractables


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Material Description Packaging
GEH110401 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 0.015UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110405 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 0.1UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110406 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 0.2UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110407 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 0.4UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110409 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 0.8UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110410 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 1.0UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110412 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 3.0UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110413 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 5.0UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110414 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 8.0UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH110415 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 10.0UM 100/PK 100/PK
GEH150445 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 5.0UM PVPF 100/PK 100/PK
GEH150446 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM 8.0UM PVPF 100/PK 100/PK
GEH800195 FILTER NUC, PC 13MM GOLD 0.8UM 10/PK 10/PK



HPIS Code 700_80_20_0
Latex Free No
UNSPSC 41104921


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