Device Reprocessing

Turn single-use devices into renewable assets.

Every day you’re asked to balance competing priorities. Cut expenses. Deliver higher quality. Reduce waste. What if you could extend the life of your single-use devices (SUDs) without compromising clinical quality or patient safety? You can with Medline ReNewal.

As a leader in medical device reprocessing, we listen to your specific needs and work tirelessly to satisfy them. We follow the highest standards of safety and performance. And deliver savings of up to 50 percent in supply costs compared to purchasing new.


ReNewal Collections: Educational videos demonstrating the collection process for different devices.

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Device Management

Gain Financial Benefits

Adding reprocessed devices to your inventory saves you money year after year—money that can be used for patient care initiatives, additional staffing or new technology. The more devices you reprocess, the more you save.

Meet Clinical Needs

Medline Renewal and Innovative Health have FDA clearances for an extensive and growing selection of products, such as diagnostic, mapping and ultrasound EP catheters, tourniquets, suction manifolds, compression sleeves and trocars.

Preserve Clinical Quality

You expect your reprocessed devices to be as good as new. So do we. Medline ReNewal uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive devices of the highest quality, functionality and sterility.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

Reprocessing your single-use devices is not only a smart savings strategy, it’s also good for the environment. Medline ReNewal diverts approximately 3 million pounds of medical waste from landfills every year.

Get Hands-on Support

We make it easy for you to benefit from reprocessing. From collection schedules to branch distribution, our specialists consult with you to create a program tailored to your exact needs.

Maximize Results

Monitor shipments. Track month-to-month trends. Generate reports in real time. ReNewal OnDemand gives you powerful insights into how, where and why your program is working.

Explore the Process

Collect. Reprocess. Supply. Save. Repeat. See how each step in the ReNewal reprocessing cycle helps you achieve your financial and sustainability goals.

Innovative Health

Medline Renewal has partnered with Innovative Health to be able to offer the strongest reprocessing program in the industry. Innovative Health is the leading reprocessor of cardiology/electrophysiology single-use devices, and together, we offer the most advanced reprocessing program in the country to help you maximize your savings across all product categories.


ReNewal: Delivering On The Promise Of Reprocessing

What you know about reprocessing is being redefined by Medline ReNewal. We’re truly delivering on the promises of medical device reprocessing. ReNewal invites you to rethink along with us.

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Learn the essentials of flexible endoscope reprocessing.

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Go behind the scenes of Medline ReNewal, our medical device reprocessing facility in Oregon.

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Medline ReNewal diverts over 1 million pounds of waste from landfills in 2020

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