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Surgical instrument set inside a sterilization container, with an SPD worker holding the lid in the background

Our mission begins and ends in your OR

Your sterile processing department (SPD) revolves around your OR. We get that—and it’s why we’re the only supplier in the industry that supports you through every step of the process. Other suppliers offer products for one or two steps. But we save you time and money by delivering the widest range of the highest-quality products—from the instruments your surgeons need to SPD equipment and supplies for packaging, decontamination and monitoring.

Graphic, circular representation of our capabilities—instruments, decontamination, prep/packaging and monitoring


Steriset Sterilization Containers

Our easy-to-use Steriset eliminates two significant risk factors—human error and hygienic security.

Its unique container technology makes it the only 100% reusable container on the market, and its filter-free, auto-locking design helps eliminate the potential for human error that can compromise the sterility of your instruments.

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Surgical Instruments

Backed by a lifetime warranty, each of our precision König and Fürst instruments is crafted in ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facilities—meeting the most stringent international production standards.

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Whether it’s infection-causing pathogens or other subversive organisms, the earlier you move to prevent them, the better. Our comprehensive line of detergents, disinfectants and other cleansing products are the tools you need to protect your surgical instruments.

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Collection of decontamination products—a large jug of lubricant and a spray bottle of pre-soak


Your work is highly scrutinized, so confidence in your equipment is critical.

Our full line of accurate, space- and eco-friendly solutions provide the sterility assurance you and your patients need at every phase—from equipment and pack control to exposure and load control.

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Bowie Dick test strips and holder—for monitoring the efficacy of sterilization equipment


Packaging is the critical bridge between preparation and sterilization. That’s why, from wraps and containers to trays and accessories, our easy-to-use products are designed to simplify your work, increase efficiency and help you assemble sterilized tool sets with confidence.

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Clean, organize and protect your surgical instruments with our brushes, identification tape and tip protectors. Brushes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and specialties to meet your needs—and tip protectors come in vented or non-vented with color and size options.

Collection of three different instrument cleaning brushes
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Collection os instrument tips in a range of sizes and colors
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Blue, foam protection corners for instrument baskets
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Services and support

Three metal baskets of graduating sizes—each holding a custom instrument set

Custom instrument sets

Our custom instrument sets make it easy—reducing ordering and assembly time with three simple steps.

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Photo of a black instrument consignment cabinet with open doors and empty, clear bins

Instrument consignment

Consignment is a convenient, cost-effective way to maximize overall capacity and eliminate both shortages and surplus.

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Illustrated diagrams of an SPD department and a rack storage room

Streamline your SPD

Trust our design specialists to help you maximize space, protect the integrity of sterilized instruments and reduce reprocessing costs.

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Recognizing CS heroes

Whether it’s at trade shows, during Central Sterile (CS) Week, or even in our product literature, we believe it’s important to honor the heroic efforts of every CS worker. Our CS Heroes represent your CS Heroes—leading the fight against harmful pathogens every day.

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SPD worker demonstrating the features of Gemini Titan wrap

Gemini Titan Bonded Wrap

Protect the sterility of your biggest and heaviest instrument sets.

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SPD worker demonstrating how to wrap an instrument set using the envelope fold technique

How to wrap

Watch our step-by-step guide to the envelope fold technique.

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Hand touching they keyboard of a laptop computer displaying the Medline University website on the screen

Medline University

We have more than 20 online courses available—most for CE credit.

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Complete this form to get more information on our extensive product offerings, or tell us how we can help. We are equipped to support you through every step of sterile processing. Beyond products, we also provide ongoing support through continuing education, and access to our sterile processing experts in the field.

SPD worker holding a basket of surgical instruments, ready to set it in a sterilization container