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Enhance the patient experience. Support laundry safety and infection prevention. Improve utilization and operational efficiencies. The challenges of managing a laundry service in a busy healthcare setting never stop, and neither do we.

At Medline, we understand your customers’ needs first hand. Our people are in every care setting across the continuum, solving tough challenges every day, including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician offices, clinics and long term care. We know what it takes to ensure your customer service – and textile selection – are top notch. From innovative fabric choices and custom designs to linen utilization solutions and better cleaning processes, we help you strategically deliver on what your customers need to succeed.

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Business Solutions


A Smart Soiled Liner Solution

PlastiVac uses innovative airflow technology to keep your sorting area clear of soiled liners. This patented, hands-free system helps increase sorting and staff efficiencies, frees up floor space and promotes sustainability. Learn how PlastiVac can help clean up your facility.


Infection Prevention

Recent studies show that 55% of clean linens are contaminated before even coming in contact with patients. To help combat this, Medline has partnered with Applied Silver to offer SilvaClean® Antimicrobial Textile Laundry Treatment. EPA-approved to infuse linens with the antimicrobial power of silver in the rinse cycle, it arms textiles with pathogen-fighting properties that are effective in storage, during handling and in use.

Linen Utilization

Linen Utilization

Linen waste, laundering clean linen and hoarding can cause costs to increase. Find inefficiencies and track and measure your progress with our Linen Utilization Solution and online software.

Featured Products

Find every textile or cleaning supply to keep your laundry running smoothly, from bed and bath basics to innovative patient and staff apparel and much more. Browse the products below or see full offerings in our catalog.