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Become a strategic partner to grow your business.

Enhance the patient experience. Support infection prevention. Improve utilization. The challenges of managing a laundry service in a busy healthcare setting never stop, and neither do we.

At Medline, we understand your customers’ needs first hand. Our people are in every care setting across the continuum, solving tough challenges every day, including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician offices, clinics and long term care. We know what it takes to ensure your customer service – and textile selection – are top notch. From innovative fabric choices and custom designs to linen utilization solutions and better cleaning processes, we help you strategically deliver on what your customers need to succeed.

Find solutions to grow your business–all in one place.


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4 innovations driving laundry best practices in Australia.

As the largest provider of healthcare textiles to Australia and New Zealand, Simba Global has found success by offering customers innovative solutions and highly personalized service. By overcoming the healthcare industry’s sometimes cumbersome regulations and entrenched thinking, they’re providing textile solutions that improve function, reduce consumption and enhance patient care. Learn how they’re driving change—and gaining a competitive edge.


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Scrubtrak: Take control of your scrubs and save.

Product loss, inventory shortages, laundry expenses and product tracking. Managing your facility’s OR scrub process is no easy task.

Introducing ScrubTrak, an automated dispensing, tracking and inventory control system. These easy-to-use dispensing and return machines can be placed in convenient locations for your staff to access and return their scrubs simply and efficiently.

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Gain control over inventory

Reduce inventory shrinkage by up to 90% and laundering costs by 35%.1 Our cloud-based tracking and reporting system prevents unauthorized users and ensures scrubs are returned.

Increase productivity and ease of use

Anyone who knows how to use a vending machine can use ScrubTrak. Doctors, nurses and techs simply use their access device at the ScrubTrak machine, and a pre-selected pair of scrubs is dispensed.

Enhance compliance and infection prevention

Comply with AORN’s recommendation for laundering healthcare textiles to avoid the spread of infectious bacteria. ScrubTrak helps control this riskby providing return units in key locations throughout your facility.


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Business Solutions

Branding and Patient Experience

Custom patient gowns, quality fabrics and super comfortable linens help hospitals attract and keep consumers by elevating their experience and building loyalty. Learn how innovative products and corporate branding can help keep your customers top of mind.

Linen Utilization

Linen waste, laundering clean linen and hoarding can cause costs to increase. Find inefficiencies and track and measure your progress with our Linen Utilization Solution and online software.

Infection Prevention

Providing antibacterial cubicle curtains is just the start. Ensuring you have the best practices and certifications in place to prove efficacy in your cleaning process is critical to reducing the risk of infection. We have the tools and specialists to help laundries exceed cleanliness standards.

On-Staff Industry Experts

Work with our experienced laundry specialists to uncover your business challenges and develop effective solutions. They’re uniquely positioned to not only understand your needs; they’re experts in your customers’ challenges. Our team partners with you to provide successful products and tools to address the evolving healthcare industry.

Featured Products

Find every textile or cleaning supply to keep your laundry running smoothly, from bed and bath basics to innovative patient and staff apparel and much more. Browse the products below or see full offerings in our catalog.