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Top 6 hardworking functional products that just make sense.

Bladder scanner1. Bladder Scanners1
Intuitive interface and proprietary BladderPoint™ aiming technology enable quick and confident location of the bladder for accurate measurement.

Privacy curtain2. Privacy Curtains1
Give patients the privacy they deserve with reusable and disposable fabrics in traditional styles in efficient new systems like Medline’s Snap Panel Privacy Curtain system.

Roller shades3. Roller Shades1
The most popular hard window treatment. Easy to clean and can be pulled up or down to cover the window. Tighter weaves provide more privacy — ideal for patient rooms.

Anti fatigue comfort mat4. Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat1
Innovative ergonomic product reduces nurses and surgeon fatigue from long hours of standing in one location. Anti-static, lightweight and easy to clean.

I Mop floor cleaning system5. i-mop® floor cleaning system1
Revolutionary unit applies the solution, scrubs the floor and extracts soil – all in one motion. Saves staff time, water and chemicals while giving you cleaner floors.

Housekeeping cart6. Housekeeping Cart System1
Mobile workstations for high-level cleaning in healthcare environments. Stands up to disinfectants and power washing.

Top 4 game-changing products you want for your facility.

Accuryn Care Monitoring System1. Accuryn Critical Care Monitoring System
Accuryn provides continuous, accurate information about urine output which can improve the early detection of AKI.

Universal Ring self retaining retractor system2. Universal Ring Self-Retaining Retractor System1
German-grade stainless steel. Available in a range of blades and lengths. Comes etched with a unique 2-d mark for automated inventory management.

Solaris Lytbot pulsed Xenon UV light disinfection system3. Solaris Lytbot Pulsed Xenon UV Light Disinfection System1
Fight pathogens harder than ever with this pathogen-blasting robot. High-frequency bulb flash rate delivers disinfection energy quickly and effectively.

Steriset sterilization containers4. Steriset Sterilization Containers1
A completely reusable sterilization container. Eliminates disposable paper filters and locks / arrows. Innovative design ensures hygienic security, and increases SPS and OR efficiency.

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