Falls management

With customized education, process and product, Uplift’s falls management solutions help improve your facility’s fall care processes—giving your caregivers the tools they need to monitor patients and proactively stop falls from occurring.

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Best practices

Fall Risk Assessment: Who Is at Risk and Why?

Falls are a major safety issue that can lead to devastating patient outcomes. This article provides an overview of how to assess a patients risk, as well as ways you can help prevent a fall from occurring. Read article.

Elevating Patient Safety with Gait Belts

Gait belts aide in both caregiver and patient safety. This article provides an overview of how to effectively utilize a gait belt when mobilizing patients, to help prevent patient falls. Read article.

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Gait belts
Our single patient use gait belts come in all lengths, colors & buckle styles to conform to your facilities preferences. Learn how gait belts make assisted ambulation safer.

Patient alarms
Our tamper-resistant line of alarms prevents patient and family tampering, while also improving staff efficiency with multi-pad functionality and universal nurse call compatibility. Explore your patient alarm options.

Fall risk kits
Our moderate and high fall risk kits allow staff to easily identify patients at risk. Promote better caregiver awareness with fall risk kits.

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