OnPoint Logistics

Elevate Operational Efficiency.

Don’t be weighed down by inventory. Ensure supply levels meet clinical demand—without overstocking and in the optimal unit of measure. Medline OnPoint Logistics makes it happen. From distribution center to point of use, our experts will help you create a more efficient flow of supplies and maximize staff and resources system-wide.


Put-Away-Ready program saves time and simplifies delivery.

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System-Wide Planning

  • Supply Chain Design Assessment — Custom scorecard to define, develop and achieve your supply chain vision
  • Supply Chain and Perioperative Consulting — Long-term supply chain planning and ongoing support
  • Emergency Action Planning — Customized disaster preparedness planning
  • Self-Distribution Support — All-in-one resource for customers transitioning to self-distribution
  • Spatial Utilization and Redesign Services — Space planning and optimization for warehouses and supply rooms

Inventory Management

  • SmartBin — Automated 2-bin replenishment system for hospital supply rooms
  • Helios Inventory System — Automated RFID-based inventory tracking system for clinical inventory and PAR locations
  • ParScan — Inventory and charge tracking system for non-acute supply rooms
  • Customized Inventory Dashboard — Customer-specific dashboard to view available inventory
Medline - Instantly improve inventory levels and visibility.

Instantly improve inventory levels and visibility.

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Medline - Simplify control of high-value inventory.

Simplify control of high-value inventory.

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Logistics Plus

  • Put-Away-Ready — Supplies are unpacked and pre-organized for any area of the hospital— supply room or O.R.
  • PriorityPath — A 3PL service to consolidate manufacturer-direct inventory into a Medline warehouse

Increase staff efficiency and maximize storage space.

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Medline | Put-Away-Ready


  • Suture & Endomechanical Advanced Logistics (SEAL) — High-value inventory supervised by Medline
  • Outsourced Materials Management — Inventory management experts directed by Medline
  • Offsite Dedicated Space and Consolidated Service Center —Additional warehouse space to centralize supply services
  • Outsourced Structural Engineers — Medline experts manage your technical projects

More Solutions

Dealer Drop Ship

Our Dealer Drop Ship Program delivers products straight from our distribution centers to your customer’s front door without adding storage space or carrying cost.

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Internet Drop Ship

Internet Drop Ship

Are you an ecommerce retailer? Expand your online catalog with Medline products.

Get more done, more efficiently.

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