MetrIQ Analytics

Gain complete visibility and control.

Turn data into insight with Medline MetrIQ. Our exclusive platforms connect multiple data systems, giving you a clear view of inventory levels and cost data for every transaction throughout your system.

Ensure price alignment between contracts and realize all the savings you’ve negotiated. Improve utilization, reduce costs and optimize staff productivity. MetrIQ makes it possible.


Achieve and maintain consistently high price accuracy.

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Spend Management Solutions

  • Online Ordering — Fully searchable online catalog contains GPO contract details and real-time stock status
  • Insight — Customized online reporting for managing purchases, supply usage, pricing and shipments
  • Spend Optimization — Compare facility-specific product spend against industry benchmarks to identify savings
  • Item Master Cleansing — Provides one core data system for supply chain, financial and clinical across the continuum

Price Integrity Solutions

  • Price Assurance — Automatically identifies price discrepancies and delivers a daily report
  • Price Change Notifications — 35-day notice on item price changes
  • TruePrice — Once-a-month alignment between purchase orders and invoices, removing the need for reconciliation
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Leverage real-time data to improve purchasing decisions.

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Medline | Leverage real-time data to improve purchasing decisions.

Proactive safety net measures ensure price accuracy.

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Uncover the savings you may be missing.

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