Safer care. Exceptional experience.

Introducing OxyMask—unique open-style oxygen mask by Southmedic. Its proprietary design allows a single mask to provide a broad range of oxygen concentrations while increasing patient comfort and helping to improve overall clinical and operational efficiency.


Why OxyMask?

Oxygen delivery made efficient.

Patented pin-diffuser technology redirects and concentrates the flow of air to the patient’s nose and mouth. This technology allows for more efficient flow of oxygen delivery while the open mask design reduces risk of CO2 rebreathing.

Single mask for all patients.

OxyMask safely supplies oxygen from the lowest flows to the highest covering the range of all traditional oxygen masks. This minimizes device change outs to save clinician time and reduce SKUS.

Patient Experience

Reduced risk of CO2 re-breathing

Easier communication

Ability to sip fluids or take oral medications

Fewer interruptions in care

Caregiver Efficiency

Reduced risk of errors

Only one product to learn

Standardization of care

Time saving

Operational Efficiency

Reduce SKUs

Reduce O2 consumption

Reduce waste

Ease of training

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Seamlessly transition patients between nebulizer treatments and oxygen therapy.


OxyMask Aerosol

Provides easier transition between aerosol and oxygen therapy.

OxyMask EtCO2

OxyMask EtCo2

Allows for broad range of oxygen delivery with accurate end-tidal CO2 monitoring.