About Marathon® Liquid Skin Protectant

Marathon does not hurt or sting when applied to intact or damaged skin. Upon application, a warm sensation may be felt on the affected area, but this is only temporary.

When Marathon is applied, the polymerization of the molecules occurs via an exothermic reaction, producing a small amount of heat. This sensation is temporary and not harmful.
Marathon is made up of cyanoacrylate monomers, which naturally give off a slight scent when exposed to air. The scent will fade in the hours following application.
Marathon naturally wears off over 1-3 days, due to the skin cells of the applied area being shed off. In some instances where the skin is dry, Marathon may last longer than 3 days.
Excess Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant can be removed before it dries by wiping it with a clean tissue. Once it has dried, unwanted Marathon can be softened with petroleum jelly and removed. It will naturally wear off within 1-3 days as the skin naturally sheds off.
Marathon takes about 60 seconds or less to dry, if you applied a uniform, thin layer of the product. If a thicker layer is applied, longer time is needed to let it dry. Thicker layers may also lead to premature cracking as the product loses flexibility.

Applying Marathon