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No-rinse pH balanced foam
cleanser with National
Eczema Association Seal
of Acceptance

Skin Repair Cream

5% dimethicone formula
for dry cracked skin
that contains jojoba esters
and other natural oils


12.5% dimethicone cream
produces a breathable
layer to moisturize and
resist moisture loss


20.6% zinc-oxide paste
with white petrolatum for
more moisture control

The color-coded packaging makes products easy to use for caregivers and patients.

What do nurses want in patient skin care?

Nurses who say they prefer to use products for patient care that are paraben free, sulfate free and dye-free

Nurses who believe the ingredients in a skin care product can impact clinician outcomes1

When it comes to safe, effective skin care, ingredients matter

We’re here to help you provide the best patient care. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to advance our skin care products—through science and nature.

Remedy Intensive Skin Therapy is powered by botanical nutrition—our own unique blend of plant-rich ingredients, safe for even the most fragile skin.

What’s inside?

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What’s not inside?

We’ve intentionally formulated our products to leave out ingredients known to cause adverse skin reactions, such as phthalates, dyes, aloe, parabens, sulfates and chemical fragrances.

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Moisturizer Cleanser Moisturizer Barrier Protectant

Remedy IST PhosphoCleanse Skin Repair

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Remedy IST
Skin Repair Cream

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Remedy IST Hydraguard-D Skin Repair

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Remedy IST Calazime
Skin Repair

Other Product Skin Repair Cream

Active ingredients
Dimethicone 5% 1.5% 12.5% 1.0%
Zinc oxide N/A N/A 20.6% 16.5%
Menthol 0.44% 0.2%
Blue green algae
Green tea
Clove flower
All 9 essential amino acids2
Aloe free
Paraben free
Fragrance free option
Sulfate free
Dye free
Other ingredients
Manuka honey
Jojoba seed oil
CHG compatiable
Latex/nitrille glove compatibility N/A N/A N/A N/A
Eczema Seal of Acceptance
Pediatrican tested

1. Data on file. Available upon request.
2. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1541-4337.2007.00025.x (Accessed July 16, 2020)

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