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Shopping Lists

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Shopping Lists

Create Shopping Lists to have all your items that you order routinely easily accessible for purchasing. Having a shopping list will decrease the amount of time you spend placing orders. Learn here how to Create, Edit, and Upload Shopping Lists.

1. Shopping Lists Main Screen

Shopping Lists’s Shopping Lists section provides you with the ability to create and access custom item lists for the products you order most frequently. Utilizing these personal shopping lists can be an easy and efficient way to add items to future orders!

Please continue reading below for FAQs on Shopping Lists, or use the left-hand navigation to find detailed tutorials on specific list topics.

How many lists can I create?

There is no limit to the number of lists you may create. That being said, you may want to visit “Editing Shopping Lists” to learn how to utilize the categorization feature within a list to help keep your items organized.

How many items can I have on a list?

While we do not set a limit on the number of items you can add to a single list, we do caution that you may experience slowness as the shopping list gets quite long. For that reason, we recommend that your lists contain 200 item lines or fewer.

  1. You may create a new list from this page, but you may also create lists as you are searching our product catalog or searching your item history. See the tutorial on Adding Items to a Shopping List for more information on creating lists as well.
  2. Search for your list by list name, creator, Item SKU and more if there are multiple pages with lists on your account.
  3. Use this feature to upload lists. Review the Format Guide along with downloading the Sample Order File to be able to easily upload a file to create a new list.
  4. See the lists for your account with some additional information. Click on a list name to access that particular list.

  1. Once creating a list, you may edit the list allowing a user to edit the name of the list, create categories, etc. See the Editing Shopping Lists tutorial for more information.
  2. Export your list into excel to get a list of all items on your list.
  3. Copy a list to make another version, most popular with Locked for Edit since Locked for Edit Shopping Lists are not able to be edited unless done by the Sales Rep who created the list. Make a copy and edit the newly copied list.
  4. Once quantities are input in the quantity field for the items you’d like to add to your shopping cart, click on the Add to Order button.
  5. Add items from one list to another.
  6. Verify that your items are on formulary and/or contract. You will see a checkmark in the appropriate column.
  7. Track any changes that have taken place on the list since it was created.

2. Uploading Shopping Lists?

Once you have logged in, you have now arrived at the My Account landing page. From here, select “Shopping Lists”

  1.’s Shopping Lists section provides you with the ability to create and access custom item lists for the products you order most frequently. Utilizing these personal order templates can be an easy and efficient way to add items to future orders!

When using the Upload New Shopping List, please make sure that you also review the Upload Shopping List Format Guide along with Downloading the Sample Shopping List File to begin your list upload process. Once you have created your excel file with your items you’d like to upload to create a shopping list, click on the Upload New Shopping List link.

3. Adding Items to a Shopping Lists

4. Locked for Edit

A Shopping List that is “Locked for Edit” is one that was created for you by your Medline sales rep. They are “locked” from editing or deleting. The following steps will show you how to copy this shopping list as one of your own in order to make edits.

In your shopping list, you will know if one of your shopping lists is “Locked for Edit” because it is denoted with a green check mark under a column of the same name. Select this shopping list if you would like to create a copy of it to keep and edit as your own.

You will notice another message here at the top reminding you that you do not have access to edit this shopping list. Click the “Copy List” button to continue.

You can enter any name for this list that you wish. Once you have renamed the list, click “Save and Close”.

The “BASICS-COPY” that was created has been added to the list of shopping lists. You’ll see that it does not have the check mark in the Locked for Edit column. This shopping list will be yours to edit as you see fit.

5. Editing Shopping Lists

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Adding Items to Shopping Lists

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