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Our patented one layer system is proven to reduce CAUTI risk and improve outcomes. Switch to Medline today.

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Nurse Preference

84% of nurses prefer Medline trays and 78% say it better promotes adherence to sterile technique.1

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Time Savings

Saves nurses 2 minutes every IUC1 insertion or 169 total hours annually for a 200 bed hospital.2

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Foley Reduction

15% reduction in IUC usage when combined with our comprehensive education program.3

Find the right products, sequenced the right way

1. Helps clinicians correctly determine when to use an IUC.

2. Promotes consistent aseptic technique during an IUC insertion.

3. Assembles all necessary components in an intuitive order.

4. Encourages cleansing the perineum before insertion.

5. Supports educating the patient on the catheter insertion process.

6. Ensures prompt removal of the catheter to reduce CAUTI risk.

7. Protects the patient from urethral trauma that can lead to infection.

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Click the icons to explore

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Your tray, your way.

Choose the catheter material you prefer, let our tray do the rest. Options include add-a-cath, silver-coated, latex, silicone, silicone temperature sensing and silicone pediatric.

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Make CAUTI prevention second nature

Explore Medline’s full Urological Solution. From best practice guidance to education and the right system of products, we help you drive a culture of safety across your organization.

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Take your CAUTI prevention to the next level.

Comprehensive Care Solution

Our effective and easy-to-adopt process combines clinical thinking, education and product bundles to help you drive sustainable practice change and achieve your CAUTI prevention goals.

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