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Creating a healthy, sustainable future for all

At Medline, we believe we can–and should–make a positive, lasting impact on the people around us. It’s this belief that moves us to work together to make our communities–and our planet–healthier and stronger.

This report details our social responsibility efforts throughout 2019.

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Transformative Vision

Our approach to building a better world

We make healthcare run better. This mission holds true not only for our healthcare partners but for the world we live in. This mission, combined with our agility and scale, shapes how we serve our communities and the environment.

A message from our leaders

We all play a role in ensuring a world full of good health, safety and security. As a company and integrated partner supporting health systems and their patients, Medline has spent more than 50 years making healthcare run better. Our efforts extend beyond our products and services and into the communities where we live and work, as well as low-resource communities around the world.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments from 2019:

  • Our total carbon dioxide emissions per square foot of space was reduced by 5%, helping make Medline more eco-friendly and energy efficient.
  • Medline ReNewal, our device-reprocessing arm of the business, reprocessed more than 5 million instruments, diverting more than 1 million pounds of waste from landfills.
  • Through our Community Impact Grant program, we donated $350,000 to organizations focused on breast cancer, medical care transportation and healthcare for vulnerable populations.
  • We led eight unique global health projects focused on supply chain optimization, perioperative efficiency and health education designed to empower communities and free up resources. We also donated $3.1 million in product to medical relief organizations.

While the information presented in our 2019 Social Responsibility Report is looking back a year, we’re proud of not only what we’ve accomplished, but the foundation we’ve set to continue helping make a lasting and sustainable impact on individuals and their communities, around the world, for years to come.

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Charlie Mills

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

About Medline

We are a healthcare company: a manufacturer, distributor and solutions provider focused on helping our partners improve healthcare operating performance.

What we do

Medline works with health systems large and small to provide the clinical and supply chain resources they need to deliver their best care to every patient.

How we do it

With the agility of a family-owned business and the scale of a large, financially strong company, we’re able to invest in our partners’ long-term growth and rapidly respond with customized solutions.

What we value

  • Our commitment to our healthcare partners, our colleagues and our communities
  • Being open to new ideas, two-way communication and challenging the status quo
  • Continuously improving our quality, service and results, and doing so with integrity
  • Doing whatever it takes to help our partners provide the best care

These values shape every aspect of our day-to-day business and our approach to social responsibility.


employees worldwide


countries where we do business


medical and surgical products

$13.86 billion

in overall sales

Our social responsibility

As committed as we are to serving our partners, we are equally committed to serving humanity. Social responsibility is in the fabric of who we are, from the way we do business to the pressing issues we tackle. We believe change is possible and we’re using our agility and our scale to make it happen, creating solutions that strengthen communities, preserve the environment and improve people’s access to care.

We’re committed to making a lasting positive social and environmental impact here in the U.S. and around the world. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program brings the best of Medline–our hands-on expertise, breadth of experience and financial resources–to the people and organizations that need us most.

What we do to make a lasting impact

We focus on creating positive change in three key areas: Global Health, Community Impact and Sustainability. We work together with our healthcare partners, employees and communities to identify the places–and the causes–where we can make the biggest impact.

Global Health

Through our Global Health Initiative, we help overcome the barriers that prevent people from getting the healthcare they deserve. We do this by taking what we’ve learned from working with the world’s top health systems and bringing it to underserved communities. These efforts help build strong, resilient health systems all around the world.

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Community Impact

We help strengthen our communities by working to ensure every person can have an equal chance at leading a healthy life. We do this by supporting local organizations with programs to address the social, environmental and economic conditions that impact people’s health outcomes.

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Our sustainability solutions help protect the environment and, by building healthier energy sources, we’re reducing our impact on the environment–and helping our partners do the same.

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Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our vision for building a better world is closely tied to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The SDGs are 17 global initiatives for achieving a sustainable future for all by the year 2030. The work we do to create positive social change aligns with many of these goals, including those to protect the health and well-being of all people, promote sustainable economic growth and ensure access to affordable, clean energy.

Community Impact
Global Health
Employee Well-being
Ethics and Compliance

Global Health

Making healthcare run better, everywhere we go

We understand that much of the world lives in a clinical desert, unable to access even the most basic care. Partnering with nonprofit organizations and health facilities all over the world, we create solutions that empower communities and free up the resources that caregivers need to provide their best care.

How we make an impact

We focus on three key areas to help healthcare facilities work more efficiently, treat more patients and share the benefits of health education.

Supply chain optimization

We analyze supply chain performance, looking for bottlenecks, process breakdowns and opportunities to improve. We then introduce new processes to help control costs, effectively manage donations, reduce inventory waste and optimize performance.

Perioperative efficiency

We identify the processes healthcare facilities use to manage their operating rooms, and pinpoint challenges within these processes. Then, we work together to create and implement new efficiencies, from stocking inventory to organizing supplies and storage areas. These improvements support perioperative efficiencies for the long haul.

Health education

We assess a community’s health education to find gaps in learning. We then fill in these gaps by teaching everyday healthy habits such as hand hygiene, oral hygiene and basic first aid. Reinforcing—and practicing—these habits creates a ripple effect, advancing the health and well-being of whole communities.

Our global impact at-a-glance

Together with our international partners, here’s what we accomplished in 2019:


global health projects


patients served through our global health projects

$3.1 million

in product donated to medical relief organizations


pairs of surgical gloves donated for sight-restoring surgeries

Bringing worldwide medical relief

We work with international aid organizations to collect Medline surplus and unused items and deliver them to developing regions globally. In 2019, Medline donated the equivalent of 116 metric tons of product–valued at over $3.1 million–to the following organizations:

  • International Aid
  • MAP International
  • Medical Teams International
  • MedShare
  • Project C.U.R.E.
  • SEE International
  • Direct Relief
  • Matthew 25 Ministries

Our products reached 262 facilities, caring for people across 77 different countries.

Making sure everyone gets the healthcare they deserve

Along with donating products, our employees volunteer their time and expertise to help facilities and communities in need. We work together to solve their most pressing challenges during a series of volunteer service trips, where our employees volunteer their skills and expertise toward a global health project. Here are the partnerships and projects we pursued in 2019:

Safe, affordable surgical care

One World Surgery (OWS) runs a surgery center in Honduras that provides safe and free surgical care to an underserved population. Since 2018, we’ve worked to help their center run more efficiently so that staff can focus on what matters most: patient care.

In 2019, we led multiple volunteer trips to Honduras bringing our supply chain and perioperative expertise to OWS Holy Family Surgery Center. Our team implemented a novel inventory tracking solution for the surgery center that has transformed the way purchased and donated perioperative supplies are organized, inventoried and found. Our solution enables surgery center staff to properly itemize and account for each instrument or piece of equipment, which can minimize redundancies and overages.

We also removed five truckloads of excess or expired supplies; expired supplies were disposed of and excess supplies were redistributed to neighboring facilities. Collectively, these actions helped the surgery center reclaim over 1,000 square feet of space, increase OR efficiency from set-up to turn-over and manage their donations more effectively.

We’ve also committed $250,000 to help OWS build a new surgery center in the Dominican Republic. The center will offer surrounding communities much-needed surgeries in orthopedics; general surgery; ear, nose and throat; gynecology; spine; ophthalmology and urology. Once fully operational, OWS will be able to perform 3,000 surgeries annually between its two centers.

Community health education

Project C.U.R.E. is the world’s largest distributor of donated medical relief. Its volunteers bring medical supplies and equipment to under-resourced communities in 134 countries.

We’ve been donating high quality supplies and equipment to Project C.U.R.E. since 2015. In 2019, we deepened our commitment by volunteering with Project C.U.R.E. to educate rural communities across Belize.

Our employees traveled to three different villages to host health education workshops. During these workshops, we taught over 300 children and their families about basic health habits, such as frequent hand washing, oral hygiene and proper nutrition.

Resources for patient care

Community Empowerment (CE), a nonprofit partnered with Rush University Hospital, hosts primary care and surgical trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

In 2019, we partnered with CE to help them organize supplies and optimize space within their warehouses in the Dominican Republic. Our team helped CE track their inventory more efficiently so they were able to spend less time managing supplies and more time focusing on patient care. This solution will save the organization time and money when it comes to ordering and managing their supplies–opening up resources they can put toward patient care.

Clinical training

Nurses Specializing in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Canada (NSWOCC) is a nonprofit association focused on caring for patients with wound, ostomy and continence issues.

In 2019, we partnered with NSWOCC and the Argentine Ministry of Health to educate Argentine clinicians on best practices related to wound care. With our partners, we developed a wound assessment tool and hosted seminars to train health workers on how to use it. More than 240 healthcare workers attended our seminars.

Changing the story in Honduras

In rural Honduras, many people struggle to find safe, affordable health services and are often forced to travel long distances to see a physician. The facilities that serve them are understaffed and don’t always have the right supplies for the right task.

We worked with clinicians and patients to change the story in Honduras. Discover how we helped one patient get the surgical care he needed to change his life.

Take a closer look at how we’re changing stories around the globe