Setting a new standard in skin health.

Skintegrity is a comprehensive skin management program that emphasizes standardization of care across the continuum through customized education, clinically-proven, evidence-based products and ongoing outcomes management.

Education: Training to Minimize the Risk

  • Skintegrity’s courses help standardize education throughout the continuum of care and promote optimal practice standards.
  • New employees receive onboarding education to quickly learn correct skin care techniques and join your existing teams.
  • Educational courses address the needs of your patient/resident’s entire lifespan in all areas of skin and wound care.

Products: Improving Practice Based on Evidence

  • Skintegrity offers a wide breadth of products that meet patient/resident needs in all areas of care; including the emergency department, operating rooms, acute care areas, long term care as well as home health care.
  • Clinical studies demonstrate the products’ effectiveness in improving skin outcomes regarding to both prevention and treatment.
  • Skintegrity’s products are designed to work together to provide your patients/residents the best outcomes.

Outcomes: Incorporate Learnings into Practice

  • Our outcomes management team will work with you to track data, incorporate learnings into practice and help you find areas for improvement.
  • Through Skintegrity, you’ll be able to monitor your staff’s educational results, including whether individuals have completed coursework and how they scored.
  • Skintegrity provides you with evidence-based tracking and trending so you can monitor your progress and share results with your team.

Journey into Geriatric Skin: Video

Watch our video of Nurse Skinthority to preview the kind of educational courses you can get from the Skintegrity program. Our video shows what changes as skin ages and how staff can help patients become an advocate for their skin health.


Journey into Geriatric Skin