NE1® Wound Management System

Mobile wound management made easy.

Take the guesswork out of wound assessment.

When clinicians don’t have the proper tools, training and time, classifying wounds is no easy task. The NE1 Wound Management System can help simplify wound care and improve outcomes.

This user-friendly mobile app combines advanced imaging with patented NE1 methodology to empower frontline nurses to accurately measure and assess wounds, and coordinate treatments with wound experts.

How it works

It’s as simple as taking a photo with your phone.

The NE1 mobile app easily guides nurses through the assessment and documentation process at the point of care.

Click the steps below in order

Capture a photo and automatically measure length, width, and surface area accurately.


Document the wound through an intuitive visual representation of the body.


Receive guidance on treatment selection with formulary integration.

Capture a photo and automatically measure length, width, and surface area accurately.

Document the wound through an intuitive visual representation of the body.

Receive guidance on treatment selection with formulary integration.

Capture a photo and automatically measure length, width and surface area accurately.
Document the wound through an intuitive step-by-step process.
Select treatments and consult with experts at the bedside.

Streamlined workflow

Experience seamless care coordination.

The NE1 dashboard enables wound care experts to visualize risk and healing outcomes like never before.


Quickly and easily view healing outcomes for individual patients or patient population. Compare data by key variables, including location, wound type, clinician and healing trajectory.


Help wound experts to prioritize their time and key treatment and prevention interventions to optimize staffing and outcomes. Organize care by patient risk factor and wound condition.


Easily compare outcomes across locations and clinicians to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement. Develop benchmarks to help demonstrate improvements and optimize outcomes.

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NE1 Wound Management System
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Validated results

Proven to improve wound assessment accuracy.

The NE1 methodology is the only evidence-based approach to help increase wound assessment accuracy.
The result is better communication, documentation, interventions and outcomes.

Studies show that when NE1 is used to measure and assess wounds, accuracy improves significantly across clinical roles and responsibilities.1, 2

All clinicians
34.4%Without NE1
70.7%With NE1
26.0%Without NE1
67.0%With NE1
Licensed practical nurses
23.0%Without NE1
63.0%With NE1

Frequently asked questions

What you need to know about the NE1 Wound Management System.

- Can I use NE1 in any care setting?
It can be used across the entire healthcare continuum, including home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and wound care clinics.
- On what type of device do I need to run the NE1 system?
It works on the majority of iOS and Android devices, from iOS 11 to Android Nougat.
- What type of wound measurements does NE1 calculate automatically?
NE1 uses artificial intelligence to automatically capture length, width and surface area accurately. All basic measurements are automatically calculated, with additional measurements easily added. No more paper rulers and eye-balling measurements.
- How do you know measurements are accurate?
Currently, traditional wound measurement techniques (i.e., a paper ruler) tend to overestimate the wound area by 44%.3 The NE1 wound management system has been tested against traditional methods and is proven to be more accurate and reliable. The overall accuracy and inter-rater reliability were measured using a correlation coefficient – and it was 0.96, evident of very high accuracy and reliability.
- How secure is the NE1 platform?
Security is built-in from the start with enterprise encryption, hardening, and compliance with international security best practices. SOC 2 compliance with data encryption in transit and at rest.
- Is patient data, including images, stored on the device?
Images are never stored on the device. The NE1 leverages industry-best privacy/security design features to ensure the safety of all PHI, including full HIPAA compliance through third-party attestation.

Data privacy

Achieve high-level security and compliance.

Medline follows industry best practices and complies with all applicable industry standards, including: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), PHIPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), SOC2, Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) as per FDA standards, as well as ISO 27001. For more details.

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